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5 Of Our Favorite Lilyisthatyou Lyrics You Need To Hear ‘RN’

5 Of Our Favorite Lilyisthatyou Lyrics You Need To Hear ‘RN’

If you don’t already stan Lilyisthatyou, you’re doing it wrong. Lily is constantly at the top of her game to give us amazing content, whether it’s a confident song, a stunning video, or a shimmery makeup look that makes us want to break out our own palettes. Even with just a few songs released so far, her catalog is such an exciting look into the future of pop. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Lily lyrics!

“When you’re face down, black and blue / When the party’s over and it’s just you…”

Lily’s latest single, the reflective ‘Moderation,’ describes her experiences with party life and substance abuse, and we love her commitment to being honest about every facet of herself. This couplet perfectly sums up how vices can catch up to you and that pit you feel in your stomach when you realize where you went wrong.

I feel a responsibility to be honest with my fan base about my own struggles with substance abuse. Constantly high, losing touch with reality, losing friendships, jobs, and losing my sense of self, I went into psychotherapy for addiction. I have come so far and I am still healing but I am so proud to say I no longer feel a dependency on any substance.


“I’m afraid of who I’ll be if this love ends up ending me…”

Throwing it back to Lily’s breakout single, the TikTok sensation ‘FMRN!’ In between raunchy lines and flirty temptation, this thoughtful lyric shows a deeper side of Lily’s artistry and how, at the end of the day, like anyone, she just wants a genuine connection.

“Beautiful, a fragile doll, but you don’t know me at all…” 

Another one of Lily’s sex-positive anthems, ‘Purity,’ pokes fun at the outdated ideas and slut-shaming nicknames given to women who are in tune with their intimate side, especially paired with the nostalgic instrumental. The song has such a fun contrast of modern statements going against the retro attitudes Lily is talking about.

“Love is in the air and I can’t breathe…”

Lily’s debut-debut single was the alluring ‘Heaven or Hell,’ a sinister portrait of an unhealthy relationship that’s unfortunately not available on streaming anymore. “Love is in the air” is typically a Valentine’s-season catchphrase that makes the day feel more special, but this line offers a clever twist. Lily, if you’re seeing this, we’d do anything to have this song out in the world again!

“And if they’re talking about me, they’re saying ‘she fell from heaven…’”

We can’t get over the double meaning behind this line from the post-breakup party banger ‘Party 22!’ On one hand, the mythical “they” are calling Lily an angel, but they’re also comparing her to a demon, like Satan, who fell from heaven in the Bible. This line packs a punch, and it even offers a sly reference to ‘Heaven or Hell.’

I’ve always found nightlife as an opportunity to let go. To release a lot of energy that I had been directing towards something negative.

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Which of these Lilyisthatyou lyrics is your favorite? What’s your favorite song of hers? Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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