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Meet The Characters On Lilyisthatyou’s The Character EP

Meet The Characters On Lilyisthatyou’s The Character EP

Honeybees, this is not a drill: we finally have a complete project from one of our favorite rising pop icons, Lilyisthatyou! Her debut EP, The Character, is definitely one of our favorite releases of the year so far, and part of why we love it so much is that each song centers around a different powerful character. It’s such a fun concept, and it ensures that anyone can relate to at least one song on the EP!

This is your life, and YOU alone are in control of your character. This EP is about expression. This is your avatar, your reality, you can try on a million versions of yourself. You do not need to fit into a niche, an aesthetic, or a genre, to be a human being worth something. You can just be you, whatever that looks like from day to day.

Lilyisthatyou on Instagram

What better way to get to know each character than with a mood board inspired by each song? Lily‘s social feeds are basically the ultimate mood board, so we’re sure she’d approve. We’re gonna combine a bit of what Lily’s said about each of these girls with our own ideas – let’s jump in!


The flirty first track of The Character isn’t quite a character at all – it’s Lily herself! ‘FMRN’ marked the first time most people listened to her music, so we wanted to go with a little bit of a girl-next-door kinda vibe that captures the chill feel of the song. And we paid attention to detail, of course – the mattress on the top left is technically “on the ground,” and the city pictures are from her home of Toronto.

‘For Eve’

Okay, we’re kind of obsessed with Eve. She feels like if a 2013 Tumblr girl got into 80s music, glitter makeup, and platform heels. She’s ready to lay everything on the line to live a life she’s passionate about, and she’s always home early on Sunday nights so she doesn’t miss the newest episode of Euphoria. She picks up on it when someone she’s devoting a lot of her energy to isn’t reciprocating, unafraid to stand up for herself or walk away if she needs to.

Eve is a poet, she is reckless and courageous. She’s the hottest mess I know but knows how to clean it all up when the weekend’s over. Eve has made mistakes, she has forgiven, she is learning how to DJ.

Lilyisthatyou on Instagram

‘Bad Energy’

Ivy is a go-getter who never says never, and she’s always in the know about the coolest new restaurants and bars in town. If she runs into someone in the bathroom who needs a hair tie, she’d give them one right off her wrist and compliment their shoes as she leaves. Bad energy is no cause for concern if you have Ivy nearby!

‘Gorgeous Gorgeous Girls’

Chloë is an It Girl for a new generation, wanting to use her power to speak up about important issues like climate change – think Serena van der Woodsen with a little extra edge. From hosting parties to raise money for social causes, to modeling in a fashion show for the hottest new sustainable brand, everyone’s eyes would be on her, and she’d make the attention go a long way.

‘The world is on fire you know, there’s more going on than gold and latex. But whatever wakes them up.’ Chloë loves playing ‘never have I ever,’ latex, raves in Lisbon, soju on saturdays, showtek and deadmau3.

Lilyisthatyou on Instagram


Excuse us as we make another Gossip Girl reference, because ‘LSD’ would be played in the OG series if it was still airing in 2022. Joey is someone who’s been hurt in her life but never stops picking herself off the floor to give love and her dreams another try. Lily hasn’t given us an official description, so we made a little plotline for her: Joey just moved to a new city for a fresh start, and she’s getting closer with a cute barista who caught her eye when she expected it the least. Will she be able to shed her fears and dive in?

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The last girl we meet on the EP is Lola, who we could see as an empowering pop star just like Lily! Her Instagram feed would be a mix of red carpet shots, cute selfies with fans in her meet-and-greets, and candid moments where she gets real about what she’s dealing with at the moment. She’d be a music superstar and a big sister figure all in one.

‘What matters to me is uplifting others. I want to lead a generation of women that believe in one another, rather than compete.’ Lola loves TikTok, Margot Robbie, spiritual hygiene, Dua Lipa, taking herself too seriously, and a colored lash.

Lilyisthatyou on Instagram

What did you think of Lilyisthatyou’s The Character? Which of these aesthetics is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And if you want some more music-inspired moodboards, we gotchu


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