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We Are Ready To Spend ’Endless Summer Nights’ Listening To James Bay

We Are Ready To Spend ’Endless Summer Nights’ Listening To James Bay

James Bay has one of the most soothing, powerful voices in music. Period. He has written and performed some of our all-time favorite tracks, and Leap has given us twelve new songs to be the soundtrack to our lives, and to our many ‘Endless Summer Nights.’

Just after one listenthrough, we can tell that Leap is going to be one of those albums that hits even harder live, we simply can’t miss that live show. To celebrate this triumph from James Bay, we’re going to break down our top five tracks!

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‘Silent Love’

One thing that we’ve always loved about James Bay, no matter if a song is upbeat, or more somber, is that the track sounds larger than life. ‘Silent Love’ is a telling title, the track tells the story of a love that went unexplored in such a beautiful way. And of course, features such insane vocal moments courtesy of James Bay.

‘Endless Summer Nights’

When we hear the title ‘Endless Summer Nights’ we immediately thought james Bay was giving us a poppier, fast-paced song. What we got instead was a genuine sun-soaked moment that will be perfect for any summer rendezvous.

‘Brilliant Still’

If you need a pick me up, ‘Brilliant Still’ is here to be of service. The whole purpose of the track is to illustrate how highly James feels about the muse of the track, despite how they may feel about themselves, and that is a beyond beautiful thing.

We needed this track, thank you James Bay, we love you.

‘We Used To Shine’

‘We Used To Shine’ chronicles when you know that things are nearing the end, when the fights are constant, and you’re trying to salvage what you used to have. The best of the track is upbeat and makes this track feel sun-soaked, and then you hear these heartbreaking lyrics.

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God, what a way to end an album as brilliant as Leap is. James Bay showcases some of our favorite vocal moments on this track, especially within that first verse. James’s head voice is something we could write an entire essay in MLA format about.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite song on Leap? How would you spend your ‘Endless Summer Nights’ with James Bay? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


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