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5 LOONA B-sides Your Playlist Needs

5 LOONA B-sides Your Playlist Needs

LOONA‘s title tracks have a hold on us like not many have, but they’re far from being a group that is only about title tracks – LOONA’s b-sides are incredible, to say the least. They have such a variety of sound and influences, and their discography is flawless. If you love their title tracks as much as we do, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of our favorite LOONA b-sides we believe you need in your life!

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‘열기’ ([++], 2018)

Out of their debut EP, ‘열기’ – otherwise known as ‘Heat’ – is still one of their most memorable b-sides. The big highlight of this is the build-up in the pre-chorus and, of course, the soft and addictive drop. It is impossible not to listen to this and not just feel good. It’s addictive, fresh, and a true gem in LOONA’s discography. It embodies the soundscape of their earlier music perfectly, and we will never forget how good it is.

‘Fall Again’ ([12:00], 2020)

While this entire EP is top tier, there is something truly special about ‘Fall Again.’ This song is one-of-a-kind in LOONA‘s discography and one of our favorite ballads of theirs. It’s the perfect song for the fall with its mixture of R&B influence and pop ballad melodies. ‘Fall Again’ feels warm and cozy, yet the lyrics are heartbreaking. And they sound absolutely gorgeous in this song. ‘Fall Again’ is just a beautiful song.

‘WOW’ ([&], 2021)

Now, if you like having fun and happiness: ‘WOW‘ is for you. Not only will its melody lift your mood up, but the lyrics are incredibly empowering. With fun harmonies and a dynamic instrumental, ‘WOW’ is such a fun song to listen to. It’s truly a blast to listen to this one, and it showcases LOONA’s more fun and bright side. ‘WOW’ will get stuck in your head, but you won’t mind at all.

‘Pale Blue Dot’ (Flip That, 2022)

LOONA embodied the summer feel perfectly in their special album Flip That, and ‘Pale Blue Dot’ is the perfect example of it. It’s the perfect feel-good song. The melody is just beautiful and showcases some of their best vocal moments. And the soft drop is just everything to us. It feels emotional, almost nostalgic, but comforting, and just a great song to listen to on loop.

‘Stylish’ ([++], 2018)

Last but definitely not least: ‘Stylish.’ This one is so iconic it’s hard to believe it’s not a title track, and it’s even from their debut EP. LOONA wasn’t joking around with their debut – it was a true masterpiece. ‘Stylish’ is fun, unique, fresh, bright, show-stopping, and just incredible. The anti-drop is just everything, and you will become obsessed with it – we can guarantee it. ‘Stylish’ truly embodies everything that is right about LOONA music: production on point, top-tier vocals, immaculate vibes.

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