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Dylan Just Dropped Your New Favorite Song! ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ Is Finally Ours!

Dylan Just Dropped Your New Favorite Song! ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ Is Finally Ours!

It’s no secret that Dylan has been a rising name in pop music recently. And we have been stans since the start, so we are living for it! And with her new single, ‘Nothing Lasts Forever,‘ she’s got an even bigger hold of our hearts. This is a track from her upcoming mixtape The Greatest Thing I’ll Ever Learn.

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We can already tell you this The Honey POP certified bop is going to be one of our faves on the new mixtape. This is all about hitting someone with a hard brake check when you’re first seeing them. Dylan sums it up best when she says:

’Nothing Lasts Forever’ is one of my favourite tracks on the mixtape because it’s a perfect representation of who I am as a person – straight to the point, honest and entirely chaotic. It’s the classic Dylan contradiction of emotions between the lyrics and the track. I wanted to write a happy song about how badly I handle my feelings, and the way that people can walk in and out of your life as they please.”

Dylan on ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’

Get Psyched For The Greatest Thing I’ll Ever Learn

The Greatest Things I’ll Ever Learn is a mixtape packed with honest baddie anthems. We are so ready for it to drop on October 28th! But until then, we’re gonna need to find a way to keep us (and you!) occupied! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, or rather, Dylan has you! With such an incredible discography, we are nose diving into some of Dylan’s incredible tracks, to see us through!

‘Girl Of Your Dreams’

One of our favorite things about Dylan is her honesty and it shines through best in her writing. ‘Girl Of Your Dreams’ is another flawless example of Dylan’s honesty. The song talks about our timeless old question of, who in the world wouldn’t want us??


All we have to do is scream at our smart speaker to play this, and we are instantly transported to Summer. ‘Nineteen’ is that spark of the final chapter of your care free teen years. It’s pure nostalgia, of late nights and love at sunset. Oh, please take us back to being ‘Nineteen!’

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‘You’re Not Harry Styles’

You’re right Dylan, we’re not, and we regret that every single day. This song absolutely catapulted Dylan onto so many people’s radars, as it should. It’s loud, pointed, and, musically sophisticated, and… we can’t express this enough… very very true. Sit yourself down with your self inflated ego, it’s not like you’re Harry Styles!

What song of Dylan’s are you adding to you on loop playlist until October 28th? Personally, we’ve been humming ‘You’re Not Harry Styles’ in our heads for the last four hours. Let us know in the comments below, or by sending us a tweet @thehoneypop! Or let us know on Instagram, or Facebook.


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