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‘you’d never know’ How Important BLÜ EYES’ Music Is

‘you’d never know’ How Important BLÜ EYES’ Music Is

We love supporting artists whose music spreads important messages, here at THP, which is why we absolutely have to talk about BLÜ EYES and her single ‘you’d never know.’ The song talks about Katie’s journey with chronic illness, and it’s safe to say it has resonated with so many people around the world.

So much of the beauty of music is about seeing yourself in it; whether it’s a feeling or a shared experience, the songs that live in your heart are likely to be the ones you relate to the most. When it comes to love songs, breakups, or parties, there’s an overwhelming selection of songs to choose from. It’s not quite as common to talk about prolonged illness, medical trauma, and its effects on your well-being, but that is exactly what BLÜ EYES has given the chronic illness community.

“Everyone said / You look fine from the outside / But in my mind, I was upside down and screaming / What the hell is wrong with me?”

The Story Behind The Song

It takes so much bravery to tell your story to the rest of the world and be so vulnerable, and we couldn’t admire Katie anymore than we already do. ‘you’d never know’ has been out for just over a month and has brought comfort to so many people. The track is currently just shy of 1.5 million streams. As an independent artist, that is a pretty big number to pull, so big congratulations are in order! It’s a triumph to put your pain into something that helps so many others who understand your struggles.


Replying to @zandrigeldenhuys pls be kind, this is hard to share ❤️‍🩹 #trauma #healing #mentalhealth

♬ You’d Never Know – Blü Eyes

This is not the first time BLÜ EYES has spoken up about her struggles with illness and the impact it’s had on her. Her song ‘rest in peace’ and the latest single ‘my body hates me’ also tackle the issues surrounding chronic illness. Whether it’s speaking about the stigma against invisible illnesses, the loss of sense of self, or body issues, she doesn’t shy away from sharing her feelings.

Her vulnerability has inspired fans to use the songs on TikTok to share their own experiences. You can really never underestimate the value of someone saying, “we hear you, we see you, and we believe you,” and that is exactly what BLÜ EYES has done for so many who needed it.

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More Music Is Coming!

If you love what you heard here today, then we have good news! BLÜ EYES’ debut EP is on its way! healing hurts is due to be released on the 11th of November. It’s right around the corner! We can’t wait to hear more from this incredible and inspiring artist!

Are you new to the Blü Crew? Have you been listening to ‘you’d never know’ on repeat for the last month like us? Let us know in the comments, or send us a tweet @TheHoneyPop! We’re also on Facebook and Instagram, so make sure you come and say hey!


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