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Noah Kahan Is A Once In A Generation Kind Of Artist

Noah Kahan Is A Once In A Generation Kind Of Artist

It’s simple, Noah Kahan is a one-of-one artist. From his relationship with his pen to his ability to be completely see-through in his music, The emotion in his voice gets us every single time. And based on the success of Stick Season, it’s clear that you guys feel the same way! Stick Season debuted amongst the top fifteen on Billboard 200 chart, this is huge, and we couldn’t be more proud of Noah Kahan!

For the uninitiated, Stick Season is a fall-infused dream of a record. Despite being surrounded by palm trees in Los Angeles, this album makes us feel like we are walking down a colorful, foliage-filled street in New England.

To celebrate the success of Stick Season, we decided to break down the five tracks that we simply can’t turn off. And yes, narrowing this down was unbelievably challenging, and we deserve a medal for doing so.

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‘Stick Season’

‘Stick Season’ has had us in a chokehold since Noah Kahan first posted this track on TikTok. The chorus fills us with the overwhelming need to scream the lyrics at the top of our lungs. And no, we’ve never been to Vermont, but yes, we will scream about our love for the state with as much conviction as Noah does.


With Halloween only a little over a week behind us, we are still mourning the end of the spooky season. This song feels exactly like a walk through a midwest neighborhood on a rainy day. Just all things fall in musical form.

‘All My Love’

In our opinion, Noah’s vocals shine the most here on this larger-than-life track that is ‘All My Love.’ Upon our first listen through we knew ‘All My Love’ was going to be a standout from this record for us.

‘Orange Juice’

Anyone who has ever struggled with alcoholism will find solace in ‘Orange Juice.’ This song feels like finally finding someone who just gets it. We were really moved by ‘Orange Juice’ as we’re sure so many of you will be.

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‘Homesick,’ just as a title, is instantly relatable for so many people. The idea of missing the place you’re from is anything but foreign. We really loved how Noah Kahan really draws you a clear picture here of how the place he’s from directly reflects his personality. It’s a beautiful thing how a place can become a part of us.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite song from Stick Season? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


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