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Here’s Every Song Pentatonix Performs On Their A Christmas Spectacular! Tour

Here’s Every Song Pentatonix Performs On Their A Christmas Spectacular! Tour

As the air gets chillier and our clothes get cozier, we’re approaching a very important season: Pentatonix Season, of course! Our favorite acapella superstars make every holiday season so special for us with new music, festive content, and their annual Christmas tours. This year’s extravaganza is called A Christmas Spectacular! and we’re blown away by what we’ve seen so far!

The holidays have taken on a new meaning for all of us over the past couple of years. We cherish this time of year more than ever. However, we wanted to spread this message as far as possible. That’s why we decided to bridge the gap between cultures and genres in a way we never have before. Now, we can’t wait to see all of you on the road.

Scott Hoying

Pentatonix always know how to put on a show like no other, and A Christmas Spectacular! is no exception. Whether you have tickets and wanna be prepared to sing along, or if you wanna just live vicariously through fan videos, we’ve gotchu! Here’s our rundown of the setlist and what to expect.

‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’

The show kicks off with a bang thanks to the intense ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,’ which shows off Pentatonix’s strong group dynamic and how well they complement each other’s talents. We won’t rest until they get the recognition they deserve!

‘12 Days Of Christmas’

Would a Pentatonix Christmas show really be complete without ’12 Days of Christmas?’ We think not! If we could, we’d do nothing but listen to PTX’s take on this song for 12 days straight. You’re welcome to join us if you’d like.

‘Carol Of The Bells’

The harmonies on this song?? Immaculate. The live version of ‘Carol Of The Bells’ makes this track even more engaging and dynamic. It really transports us right to Christmas Eve and brings that holiday magic to life!

‘White Winter Hymnal’

After a little dance break that gives Pentatonix’s voices a well-deserved rest, they’re back and maybe better than ever with a Fleet Foxes cover! The fairytale references and snowy imagery on this song make it an absolute staple for any PTX Christmas playlist.

‘Mary, Did You Know?’

Of all the Christmas songs Pentatonix have released, we really think ‘Mary, Did You Know?’ is one of the best examples of their talent. Between the harmonies, the high notes, and how well Matt and Kevin keep it grounded, it blows us away. Every. Single. Time!

‘Little Drummer Boy’

Everything Pentatonix does deserves a drum roll, especially their rendition of ‘Little Drummer Boy!’ It’s become a staple of their live shows and will definitely go down as one of their most impressive performances.

‘Amazing Grace’

Honestly, we’re not sure what’s more amazing: Grace or how easily Pentatonix can move a crowd with this song. Whichever the answer is, we’ll happily watch every video of this performance we can possibly find!

‘What Christmas Means to Me’

There’s nothing quite like the serotonin we get from Stevie Wonder’s ‘What Christmas Means To Me,’ and that’s amplified when it’s Pentatonix singing it! It’s impossible to be sad while listening to this song, so press play next time you need a boost.


All we can say is “hallelujah” that Pentatonix’s version of ‘Hallelujah’ exists in this world! Every word, note, and harmony of this performance is absolutely breathtaking, and you can feel how powerful it is within just a few seconds.

‘Hark! The Herald Angels Sing’

If you told us that Pentatonix were the herald angels from this song, we wouldn’t be surprised. Their voices are just heavenly! They put such a stunning spin on a holiday classic and it wows us every time, without fail.

‘Joy To The World’

We’re sure we speak for all Pentaholics when we say PTX is constantly bringing joy to OUR world! Their version of ‘Joy To The World’ is so cheerful and puts us right into the festive spirit. You just can’t go wrong with it.

‘Feliz Navidad’

Pentatonix’s latest holiday album, Holidays Around the World, celebrates how different cultures celebrate Christmas and more, so we love that they included a taste of the project with ‘Feliz Navidad!’ Pretty much everyone knows this song, so it’s a feel-good singalong moment that’s guaranteed to make you smile.

‘Last Christmas’

‘Last Christmas’ we gave Pentatonix our heart, and we’ll continue to do so every Christmas as long as they’re still making music. If your holiday playlist isn’t at least 80% their songs, you’re doing it wrong! But hey, you can make it right this Christmas.

‘It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year’

In our humble opinion, Pentatonix Christmas tour season is the most wonderful time of the year. We’re blessed with so much content, so many backstage photos, and incredible performances just like this one! They really know how to keep us on our toes.


Kirstin, Mitch, and Scott founded PTX while going to high school together in Arlington, Texas, and we’re heading back to their roots as a trio with their performance of ‘River!’ Their voices flow together as effortlessly as water and we’re so thankful these three found each other to create one of our favorite groups of all time.

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‘Evergreen’ With A Girl Named Tom

Pentatonix aren’t traveling solo this tour – they’re bringing along the incredible group A Girl Named Tom, who you may have seen on The Voice! This trio is so talented and we love that PTX invite them onstage for a reimagined version of ‘Evergreen’ every night.

‘Star On Top’

Hearing ‘Star On Top’ was like the star on top of the metaphorical Christmas tree that is this tour’s setlist! This song and performance are nothing short of stellar, and PTX really gets to shine during this number.

‘Winter Wonderland’

In the meadow, we can build a snow-bee, and pretend that he is Matt Sallee… just kidding! Maybe. PTX really create an immersive wonderland with every show they put on for us, so ‘Winter Wonderland’ is a natural choice to make the setlist.

‘I Saw Three Ships’

They may have seen three ships, but we saw five of the most talented vocalists of our generation coming together for one incredible performance. The snaps making the rhythm were such a fun detail and made an amazing part of the show even more memorable!

‘Joyful Joyful’

According to fandom’s leading scientists, it’s physically impossible not to feel cheerful while listening to ‘Joyful, Joyful.’ The vibes are just immaculate and really show what light PTX bring to the world! Keep shining like this, besties.

‘Silent Night’

Pentaholics, we have to band together and make sure no night of A Christmas Spectacular! is a ‘Silent Night.’ We need to be cheering for them like we’ve never cheered in our lives! Need proof? Just watch the ‘Silent Night’ performance and get ready for their vocals to take your breath away.

‘Kid On Christmas’

The last song of any Penatonix concert is bound to make us at least a little sad, but we can’t be that upset when we hear ‘Kid on Christmas.’ It makes US feel like we’re a kid on Christmas and PTX just delivered everything we asked Santa for, including that pony we asked for when we were five.

Do you have your tickets to A Christmas Spectacular! yet? If not, grab them right here and let us know what show you’re going to! Let’s chat on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or even Discord if you prefer. And for more PTX content to hold you over until your show, click here.


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