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Ranking Disenchanted Songs Based On Their Likeability To Be A Viral TikTok Dance Anthem

Ranking Disenchanted Songs Based On Their Likeability To Be A Viral TikTok Dance Anthem

Beyonce’s B-Phone, the Wizards of Waverly Place premiere, and ‘Crank That (Soulja Boy)’ – some days, it feels like 2007 is a light-year away! Then there are others, like the whole of last week, where a much-treasured sequel to a Disney flick makes us feel like no time has passed at all. We’re, of course, speaking about Disenchanted, the offspring of Enchanted. You may remember this real-world take on the classic fairy tale through the iconic still of Amy Adams as Giselle popping out of sewage in a full bridal getup. She falls in love with Patrick Dempsey’s Robert despite the many quips falling out of James Marsden, aka Prince Edward’s mouth, back home in the land where every bad thing that happens ever cuts to black after finding your true love.

Obviously, we know that not to be true. Otherwise, sad ballads wouldn’t exist, so Disenchanted stepped in, exploring that very contrast! Nearly every actor reprises their role – Gabriella Baldacchino seems to be the exception here, taking over for Rachel Covey as Morgan Phillips. So what other reason do you need to pull out your best princess frock from your closet and revisit Andalasia? 

While we listed a few changes since 2007, one major change has made its way into our phones: TikTok dances! From our faves creating routines to market a song to stans making viral dances that see their idols copying their moves, even the real world can break out into a really cool flashmob from time to time, like seen in Disenchanted’s ‘Fairytale Life (After the Spell).’ So we thought to rank some of the musical numbers from the movie based on their eligibility to become a viral TikTok dance. While we won’t be outlining the choreography, leaving it entirely to your creativity, perhaps you’ll be left feeling inspired! 


5. ‘Even More Enchanted’ 

Every moving day needs a tune to go along with it to make the process that much more exciting, and Giselle agrees with us, belting out ‘Even More Enchanted.’ Escaping deathly wood passed around by construction workers, making another’s life easier by using some magic to light up an overhanging lamp, even harder tasks can be fun! We can see this number tying in with TikTok’s other trend of house tours, dancers showing off their new pads. 

4. ‘Love Power’

You know you’ll take advantage of Idina Menzel’s vocal range if she’s in your casting lineup and she shines so beautifully in ‘Love Power.’ This a reminder that no matter what you’re going through, often it can take one great memory to take you out of a dark place. Although it’s not the sort of pop-and-lock we’ve mostly seen through scrolling through our fyp, it could come to life in a ballroom, even interlacing with camera footage to become a nostalgic montage.

3. ‘Fairytale Life (The Wish)’

Another emotional number from Disenchanted, Giselle, has us wishing we could harmonically sing with birds in our own storybook reality in ‘Fairytale Life (The Wish).’ We mean, just listen to that high note! Don’t you think it’s enough to shatter a glass? We do. This number would call for interpretive dancing, the sort of whimsical prances from Taylor Swift’s ‘Delicate’ music video.

2. ‘The Magic of Andalasia’

Now, it gets a bit more fun! For those dancers who enjoy getting a tad sassy, join Prince Edward and Idina’s Nancy as they explain the rules of that troublesome wand. We’re thinking of costumes, props, the whole shebang, so for a second, you’re wondering if you’re back at performing arts school or truly a wave away from Andalasia. 

1. ‘Badder’

You saw it coming, and we saw it coming. Simply ‘Badder’ made us bop on our couches with enthusiasm as soon as Giselle and Maya Rudolph’s Malvina came eye to eye. We love everything about this number! This is for the besties, those who want to show off their self-confidence. 

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Their character counterparts aren’t the only ones prone to slipping into their dancing shoes, it’s the cast of Disenchanted themselves as they attended the film’s premiere on Wednesday, November 16. They gathered together at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, even supplying the magic of Cinderella’s Godmother – a device used as Giselle explores the Stepmother trope. There were Toys for Tots bins filled with new toys for Disney’s Ultimate Toy Drive; what a nice way to remind those younger that there’s royalty inside all of us. 

Image Source: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

How’s our list looking? Is there a certain song that you think should be swapped with another, or did we simply execute it perfectly, and you’re one listen to ‘Badder’ away from gracing TikTok with your moves? If you need another second to think about that, then Disenchanted is currently streaming on Disney+. Then let us know through our Twitter @thehoneypop! Perhaps your viewing will give you even more inspiration. 

We absolutely love the Disney classic film to continuation pipeline. It seems that it isn’t stopping at Disenchanted, with The Hollywood Reporter recently announcing a third The Princess Diaries movie. If your reaction wasn’t curly-haired Mia’s “Sh**t up,” then we’ll let you have a do-over. For more news about this and other Disney films, follow us on our other socials, Facebook and Instagram!


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