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Our Favorite Looks From Kang Daniel’s ‘Nirvana’

Our Favorite Looks From Kang Daniel’s ‘Nirvana’

Ello dear Danity, how have you been enjoying Kang Daniel‘s new repackaged album The Story :RETOLD? We have been dying over it, yes. But we have also been streaming and replaying ‘Nirvana’ every moment we get. We might just say we are obsessed, but that is nothing new when it comes to Daniel, right? You know we love our favorite all-rounder boy, and this new song might be one of our favorites he has ever released.

Do we say this every time? Maybe. But if it is true every time, can you blame us? It seems like Daniel outdoes himself with every comeback. And while he is about to head out on tour (Have you managed to get tickets yet?), this comeback came at the right time. ‘Nirvana’ teams Daniel up with no one else but pH-1 and WDBZ, which makes for a dynamic and powerful collab. ‘Nirvana’ absolutely slaps. Additionally, RETOLD offers us, besides the title song, four new songs – two are a remix of ‘Ride2U’ and a solo version of ‘Nirvana,’ and the other two are ‘Selfish’ and ‘Ghost,’ absolute masterpieces as well.

We told you we are obsessed! However, not only did the music leave us breathless this time again but so did Daniel’s looks in the music video! We decided to appreciate not only Daniel’s musical talent this comeback but share our enthusiasm about his visuals as well!

The Brown Jacket Look

This might be a simple look to anyone else, but Daniel absolutely rocks this jacket, and it feels like it captures the essence of the title song so well. Besides, he looks amazing!

Image Source: KONNECT Entertainment
The Biker Jacket Look

Hello? Do we need to say more, or does this picture say volumes on its own? The contrast between the black and red with the flowers is everything to us. We. Need. It. As. A. Poster. Now.

Image Source: KONNECT Entertainment
The Red Look

Pretty sure we weren’t the only ones absolutely flatlining the moment we saw this look. No one has ever worn red better. Kang Daniel owns this color now sorry, we don’t make the rules.

Image Source: KONNECT Entertainment
The Leather Suit Look

Suits were made to be worn by Daniel and fit ‘Nirvana’s atmosphere. perfectly. This look had us on the floor, models around the world are jealous.

Kang Daniel Nirvana
Image Source: KONNECT Entertainment
The Office Worker Look

Technically this is only a look from the concept photos, but we still wanted to include it as we think this makes Daniel look extra soft and adorable. No one has worn a tie better than him!

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Kang Daniel Nirvana
Image Source: KONNECT Entertainment

And that’s a wrap, we will stop here for our own sanity’s sake. What’s your favorite Daniel look from this era? What do you think about ‘Nirvana?’ Let us know by commenting below, tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP, or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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