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Music Rewind 2022: Taylor Swift Proves She Is The Music Industry

Music Rewind 2022: Taylor Swift Proves She Is The Music Industry

2022 has truly been the year of Taylor Swift. From the release of one of our favorite records of the year, Midnights, to the massive success Taylor has seen this year with ‘All Too Well (Ten Minute Version)’ we could go on forever about how we think we have just begun to scratch the surface of what we will see from Taylor Swift in the next phases of her career.

As the year comes to a close, it’s only right that we look back on some of our absolute favorite Taylor Swift moments.

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Getting An Honorary Doctorate From NYU (May 18th)

We have been taking advice from Taylor Swift for over a decade, so to have her give an over twenty-minute speech that felt like it came straight from the mouth of our big sister. It’s no surprise to us that someone as insightful, and someone who is able to understand the most complex of human emotions and put them to song is someone who NYU decided was worthy of receiving an honorary doctorate in fine arts. We still think about the “you’re on your own now” part of the speech daily.

Tribeca Film Festival – ‘All Too Well (Ten Minute Version)’ (June 11th)

The ‘All Too Well’ short film has taken on a life of its own, from the brilliant casting of Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien to the way Taylor Swift was able to bring a song that has been emotionally destroying us for years to life in an overwhelmingly perfect way. Hearing the way Taylor spoke about the short film, and about Sadie and Dylan at the Tribeca Film Festival made it crystal clear that the love Taylor has for this particular project is so vast. This Tribeca film festival run truly marked only the beginning of us seeing Taylor Swift get her flowers for her work behind the camera.

‘Carolina’ From The Where The Crawdads Sing Soundtrack (June 23rd)

‘Carolina’ feels stripped right from the world of folklore and evermore, truly, Taylor Swift and this folk genre go together like peanut butter and jelly. While watching Where The Crawdads Sing, it made perfect sense to us why Taylor Swift would want to be involved with such a heartbreaking yet captivating world. We are firm believers that ‘Carolina’ is the ideal soundtrack song.

2022 MTV Video Music Awards & Midnights Announcement (August 28th)

On August 28th Taylor Swift woke up and chose violence. She made the decision to not only wear one of her best red carpet looks of all time but also made the decision to announce her tenth studio album, Midnights. The internet pretty much broke after Taylor announced Midnights. The VMAs pretty much became the Taylor Swift show with this announcement and Taylor’s absolute sweep.

NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) Awards (September 20th)

One thing that is undeniable about Taylor Swift is that she is one of the best songwriters of all time. NSAI recognized her immense talent this year with the Songwriter-Artist of the Decade award. Out of this night, we got Taylor meeting Gayle (who would later be announced as an opener for the Eras Tour) and, of course, we got an incredible performance of ‘All Too Well (Ten Minute Version)’ that still takes our breath away.

Midnights (October 21st)

Midnights is Taylor Swift’s tenth studio album, over a decade into her career, and it is already record-breaking. She sold well over a million copies in the first week, broke streaming records, and charted songs off the record in the entire top 100 on the Billboard Hot 100. We’re telling you guys, Taylor Swift IS the music industry. Every song on this record further proves that Taylor’s artistry is ever-growing. So far, this era has given us a Lana Del-Ray collab, two music videos, and a remix with Bleachers.

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GRAMMY Nominations (November 15th)

Here is what we will say, this is the GRAMMY’s chance to right their wrongs and give Taylor an award for ‘All Too Well.’ When RED didn’t win a GRAMMY upon its original release it devastated both us and Taylor, so here’s hoping this is the year, as Taylor has earned four nominations, three of which being for the re-recording of RED.

We would love to hear from you! What has been your favorite Taylor Swift-related moment from 2022? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok!

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