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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited For Nanna’s How To Start A Garden Album

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited For Nanna’s How To Start A Garden Album

We are ready and waiting for Nanna to release her upcoming debut solo album, How To Start A Garden! Nanna announced it’s arriving May 5th, and we will sit here as patiently as we can until release. But patience is hard to come by when we’re just so excited!

But why should this album be on your radar? We’re here to answer that very question! Here are five reasons why you should be excited for Nanna’s How To Start A Garden album.

1. Aaron Dessner and Josh Kaufman

Do these two names sound familiar? There’s a reason for that!

Some of you might recognize these names from them receiving credits for some of your other favorite artists. Aaron Dessner is a member of The National who has previously worked with Taylor Swift – that includes working as a collaborator on her studio albums folklore and evermore. He’s also worked with Gracie Abrams, Frightened Rabbit, and Local Natives. What a catalog!

Josh Kaufman has also previously worked with Taylor Swift, providing aid as a musician for her re-recorded album, Red (Taylor’s Version). He’s also worked with The Hold Steady, Bonny Light Horseman, and The War On Drugs. Pretty legendary, huh?

With immense credits to both of their names, we are incredibly excited to see them both work on How To Start A Garden!

2. ‘Godzilla’ and ‘Crybaby’

We’ve already had a taste of the album, and we think these songs are delicious.

Nanna first introduced us to ‘Godzilla’ in January. It’s a gorgeous song that captured us the moment we heard the opening melody, exploring the ideas of introspection and change. Nanna’s wondrous vocals guide the story, and it leaves us wanting more.

We weren’t waiting long for more! ‘Crybaby’ was released only a month later in February. It’s another masterpiece that made us close our eyes and feel every single emotion within it. When talking about the track, Nanna said, “I wrote the song in my cabin. I had gone there to spend some time alone, and I remember lying on my floor playing the guitar and feeling sorry for myself. It felt dramatic and a bit funny, so I called the song ‘Crybaby’ as a way of making fun of myself.”

This influenced a lot of the record, this thing of not taking yourself so seriously when you feel very serious.


Nanna wrote both of these songs in a small cabin outside her hometown of Reykjavik, Iceland. We would love to see exactly where because that sounds like the perfect location for creativity to boom! What a dreamscape for inspiration!

3. The Tracklist

We are very lucky to be able to see the tracklist ahead of the album release, and some of the track names below have certainly piqued our curiosity.

  1. ‘How To Start A Garden’
  2. ‘Sputnik’
  3. ‘Crybaby’
  4. ‘Disaster Master’
  5. ‘The Vine / 13’
  6. ‘Godzilla’
  7. ‘Bloodclot’
  8. ‘Milk’
  9. ‘Igloo’
  10. ‘Voyager’
  11. ‘Seabed’

There’s a variety of different directions each of these names could take us when it comes to the sound behind them. Which tracks are you the most curious about? We’re very eager to hear ‘Bloodclot’ and ‘Voyager’! If all of these songs follow the same sound as ‘Godzilla’ and ‘Crybaby,’ we just know we’re going to be playing this album on repeat.

Image Source: Courtesy of Republic Records

4. Nanna’s Previous Endeavors

This may come as a surprise for a few people, but this isn’t the first creative chapter in Nanna’s story. She spent most of her twenties in recording studios, and she is the lead singer of a globally successful band that might sound very familiar to a lot of people.

See Also

Some of you already know where we’re going with this. It’s Of Monsters and Men! Yes, that’s right! She’s the lead singer of Of Monsters and Men, a renowned band that has embarked on many global tours and originally blessed our ears in 2012 with their first album, My Head Is An Animal.

The amount of success achieved by the band is immense. They boomed onto the scene and stole our hearts. If you haven’t heard their songs before, we highly recommend checking them out! Some of our favorite Of Monsters and Men songs include ‘Little Talks,’ ‘Dirty Paws,’ and ‘Crystals.’

5. The Disaster Master Tour

She didn’t just announce her debut solo album How To Start A Garden. Nanna also announced her upcoming Disaster Master Tour! We’re also treated with Australian singer/songwriter Indigo Sparke supporting all US tour dates. On top of that, Nanna will be performing two shows at Iceland Airwaves Festival in November. Nanna, you are spoiling us! Want to know more? More information can be found on her website.

Are you as excited as we are for Nanna’s debut solo album? Will you be seeing her on tour? Let us know by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.


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