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Re-creating Anne-Marie And Shania Twain’s Wild West Looks In The ‘UNHEALTHY’ Music Video

Re-creating Anne-Marie And Shania Twain’s Wild West Looks In The ‘UNHEALTHY’ Music Video

We may not be traveling so far back into western’s past that John Wayne would be saddling up to us at the local tavern. But instead, those tumbleweeds are moving in a different direction, right into an ‘UNHEALTHY’ showdown between Anne-Marie and a couple of toxic hooligans. She spends most of the music video on the run, desperately trying to chase away those willing to capture her for the $10,000 prize flashed upon her wanted poster. They do, in fact, catch her, wringing her hands up with rope. However, they’ve counted out one factor: Shania Twain as Anne-Marie’s accomplice.

Although at one point Anne-Marie has this cool modernized trick where her finger gun turns into a literal weapon, transitioning into a flashmob dance from a couple of shirtless cowboys, the true superpower comes in the fashion! Anne-Marie’s the yin, and Shania Twain is the yang as both dress up oppositional to the color wheel. We’re digging these looks and their parades over them on TikTok so much that we wanted to showcase them here and do our own twist of them so you can steal the look. 

I’m so happy ’cause my new record has Shania on it, and what a dream… I couldn’t believe it. I’m so happy. And honestly, a memory I will have… One of my favorite memories I will always keep forever.

Anne-Marie on Home Now Radio with Shania Twain on Apple Music Hits

Anne-Marie: Lasossing The Dark Side

Anne-Marie’s chosen color when spending time in a country-western is black, as the color even splatters itself into her freshly dyed hair, having recently become a brunette. Although her look is far simpler than Shania’s, there is a focus on belts, fringes, and another color entirely in gold. We’ll start with belts, though, as she has three circling her bodice, each dangling a little further down. This not only chimes into the impression that she’s the prize to be won as their tinged in gold, but is also a staple for the cowboy, fitting their other possessions. Fringers flow into the pockets on her blouse, and there’s even one particular video where she’s swapped out the cowboy hat in the music video for one with a rather long gold fringe and studded rim. 

Shania Twain: Silver Yee-Haw!

I love [“UNHEALTHY”], and when I met Anne-Marie, it was like meeting an old friend. I was really excited that she invited me to join her on this song because I love this song. I think we sound great together, we just blended very naturally together.

Home Now Radio with Shania Twain on Apple Music Hits

While if Shania wasn’t horseriding onto the scene to rescue Anne-Marie, then she would most likely be found under disco lights as her shade is lighter through a distinct sequinned silver. These sequins tie into her chosen cowboy hat and then the outfit itself. There’s a trend outside of the Outlaw where hoods are attached to everything, from cotton dresses to crop tops, and it seems that Shania has gone with it, having a silver hood underneath the cowboy hat. There’s also another trend that she’s adapted with cut-out pants! A garter belt is attached from the shorts to the pants, showing off some skin in between. Then with one final bit of flare, she has gloves. They aren’t just any gloves but also opt for diamonte fringes, which match the same ones attached to her pants. 


Which western ‘UNHEALTHY’ look are you copying for your next rodeo? Perhaps you channel your inner lightness by choosing Shania Twain’s and throwing it back with a square dance or going darker with Anne-Marie as your partner for a cowboy cha cha. Both dance styles are fit for this tune! If you ever do dress up, we’d love to see your twist on their costumes by tweeting us @thehoneypop!

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