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Gretta Ray’s ‘America Forever’ Is A Poem For Those Seeking Adventure In New Places

Gretta Ray’s ‘America Forever’ Is A Poem For Those Seeking Adventure In New Places


It’s a very common scene that a majority of people have had to play out in their lives. Either as the main character doing this or as the secondary role who is the recipient of the action of this scene. We know, alright, we know, we are talking vaguely about what this scene is. Don’t worry, we are getting to it. It’s the scene where someone has made a decision that will relocate them, and they’ll have to say goodbye. Whether they are relocating for their dream job, school, living arrangement, etc., it’s a decision that means so much more.

It’s a decision that will change their life. It also creates a domino effect of making choices over things you were not ready to make. That can be equal parts exciting, overwhelming, and upsetting. At times, you can be smiling and laughing. At other times, you want to be just a teenager in an adult body and throw a fit about it. Regardless, what you decided is for the better.

No one knows that scene better than Gretta Ray in ‘America Forever.’ It’s the grounded and up-in-the-sky coming-of-age song. ‘America Forever’ is filled with swirling emotions that come from taking risks. Moments of discovering yourself and getting out of your comfort zone. And, lastly, moving to expand yourself. 

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“Ain’t No Telling Where I’m Gonna Go”

Gretta Ray presents ‘America Forever’ as her first single off her upcoming album, Positive Spin. It’s a sentimental and bittersweet song that plays so gently through our speakers. ‘America Forever’ is a beat that is soft and warm, and matches the lyrics of being hopeful amid change, both the wanted and unwanted. 

When a certain place brings out the best version of yourself, it’s hard to leave it behind without feeling like you’re abandoning a piece of yourself. The more creatively liberated I am, the more I feel like me. I rocked up to a session with Carol, and complained to her about having to fly home to Australia. I just wanted to stay in America, forever. The two of us spent the day unpacking this further on the couch in her living room, just us and an acoustic guitar…”

Gretta Ray

With the creative process in mind, we can see how that unfolds in ‘America Forever.’ Gretta Ray, a native of Melbourne, Australia, found her life illuminated in the US. It is the place where she felt the realest and most sincere version of herself. When you’re in a location that has brought out a more confident, loving, happy, dreamer, and successful version of yourself, you never want to leave. That feels momentous. However, saying goodbye, whether you’re leaving for a new adventure in a new city or returning home after time away, can lead to something big.

“I’m Staying In America, Where I’m Limitless And Living It Up” 

It seems that Gretta Ray is giving us a great insight into how her sophomore album will sound from this track. Mainly in terms of instrumental backing and lyrics. We’re thinking that Positive Spin will be an album trying to find a twist in the uh-ohs and oh-nos. ‘America Forever’ is a Positive Spin on a situation most people would find swallowing them whole and wrecking their sense of self. Instead of it being “I’m losing a part of myself,” Gretta reframes the song all about how she was impacted by her time in the US. 

It’s certainly a beautiful song for anyone prepping for a big change of rushing towards their dreams in a new city. Gretta captures this highly emotional experience that feels like a coming-of-age moment in a teen or young adult movie. There’s no better way to emphasize the song’s meaning and message than by adding Maisie Peters and Carol Ades to the track. Carol Ades has a reputation of wanting to be an artist who empowers you, and Maisie Peters has a niche of nostalgic heartache renewal songs that are the perfect pair to elevate ‘America Forever.’ 

“Nothing Better Than A Brand New Start Or Just A Little Longer Being Kept Apart” 

Gretta Ray, Carol Ades, and Maisie Peters on ‘America Forever’ make this the soft girls’ song for all seasons. We see this song pairing up well on a playlist with ‘Never Grow Up’ by Taylor Swift, ‘Science’ by Niall Horan, ‘Matilda’ by Harry Styles, and ‘Baby Girl’ by Charlotte Clark. The heart of the song, the message, reminds us of a quote that summarizes how important it is to get a new point of view elsewhere. And that it can change your direction forever for the better. 

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“If adventures will not befall a young lad in her own village, she must seek them abroad.”

Jane Austen

‘America Forever’ is made for the dream chasers and wish makers. Without a doubt, it’s for those full of heart and hope to embrace a change that will transform their lives. Gretta Ray opens us into her world with open arms, and we’re loving the embrace. Now, it’s your turn to receive that embrace from Gretta Ray! Go hit play on ‘America Forever’ in preparation for Positive Spin. While you’re at it, we recommend listening to ‘Vienna‘ and her debut album, Begin To Look Aroundtoo. 

“Easier When Living With My Head In The Clouds”

We hope you felt inspired by this song and fell in love with Gretta as we did! Let us know your thoughts on this song and what playlist you would place it in. Also, if you could use three words to describe how this song made you feel, let us know below in the comments or on our socials! You’ll find us ready to chat on Twitter @thehoneypopThreadsFacebook, and Instagram


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