Five Songs That Make Shaé Universe The ‘LOML’

A new R&B artist making waves in the UK and West Africa is turning the world on its head 🌎. With smash hit after smash hit, we have to acknowledge the beauty, grace, and talent that is Shaé Universe. She can sing, write, and rap, with the proof in the pudding in her newest drop, ‘LOML.’ 🎵 Now that we’ve established why Shaé Universe is the new love of our lives, here are five of her songs on a current loop! 😍


The newest drop is probably our favorite one yet! Shaé never disappoints, and this song is all the proof we need. A groove that takes us into orbit, we’re soarin’ baby! 🚀 This is the perfect song for a sunset night drive with your new boo thang 🌇 Grab the “love of my life” and take off!

Image Source: Karis Beaumont

“I drew my inspiration for the whole song directly from what I felt as I sat across from him [Shaé’s partner]. This is definitely one of, if not THE most heartfelt song I have ever written as it was birthed from pure vulnerability & honeymoon love. It’s very special to me & I can’t wait for its timelessness to unfold.”

Shaé on ‘LOML’

‘Give Me a Break’ (feat. Ayotemi)

Shaé takes no breaks, baby! No more time for that lovey-dovey nonsense, it’s time to take back our womanly independence! 💪♀️ “Don’t wanna talk today,” Shaé sings, and dang, that could not be more relatable. Sometimes we just need some me-time and “some space to think about it.” Free your mind and your thoughts with this tune 💭


Lucky number 111 never goes wrong 🤞. This angel number is the symbol of taking chances and trying new things. “I’m exactly where I’m meant to be right now,” Shaé sings as she praises the manifestations in her life. If you need a sign to start manifesting your dreams and ambitions, this is it! As Shaé says, everything is “right on time” and “don’t regret the path you have chosen.” ✨

‘Passenger Princess’

We’ve all dreamed of being the passenger princess 👑. “It hurts so bad, but who did that? You.” She ate with that lyric, we fear. This song is all about that certain someone who regrets your divine and beautiful presence in their life. Remember girlies, they always come back. But if we can learn anything from Shaé, it’s to never let them back in! “I just reminisce now, it’s bittersweet.” 

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‘Out of Touch’

Our last, but never least, favorite Shaé Universe banger is ‘Out of Touch.’ In collaboration with PHABO, this song will do it for us every time! 👏👏 This song is pure vibes and perfect for your next fall-day hot girl walk 🎧. As the leaves fall around you, soak in Shaé’s magical lyrics and everything that makes you special and unique. 

Which Shaé Universe song is transcending you to another universe!? Let us know in the comments below, or head to our Instagram or Twitter to buzz things up! 🐝


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