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Our Favorite Moments From YUNGBLUD and Oli Sykes’ ‘Happier’ Music Video

Our Favorite Moments From YUNGBLUD and Oli Sykes’ ‘Happier’ Music Video

yungblud happier music video oli sykes

You know when you watch two people come together, and you suddenly become super envious of their friendship? That was us when we watched this music video. The way that YUNGBLUD and Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon act with one another in the ‘Happier’ music video has us wishing we were besties with them. We’re literally so obsessed with their energy together! And their voices in the song itself. Duh!

The ‘Happier’ music video was filmed while YUNGBLUD and Bring Me The Horizon were on tour across Asia, and while in Tokyo, Japan, he joined forces with Oli Sykes to create this fun, visually bouncy piece of art.

Because we haven’t stopped watching the ‘Happier’ music video since YUNGBLUD and Oli Sykes unleashed it upon us, we’ve collected a few favorite moments!

Dom And Oli Get Kawaii

You know exactly what we’re talking about, honey! Little peace signs, big eyes, large smiles, cute green hearts with pink writing in Japanese. And the way Dom’s eyeliner looks super thick with the filter? Adorable. We’re in pieces over these parts of the music video.

Jumping Around The Arcade

YUNGBLUD and Oli Sykes jumping around an arcade belting out the lyrics to ‘Happier’ is definitely one of our favorite bits in the music video. The energy emanating from the duo just fills us with so much joy!

Our Dom In The Middle Of The Street

POV: Dom’s singing with you while you both spin around in the middle of an intersection in the heart of Tokyo. That’s what we got from those parts of the ‘Happier’ music video! All those flashy lights behind him from the buildings above and the energy pouring from him. We love those parts so much.

But these are just a few of our favorite bits. Dom and Oli Sykes have created magic with ‘Happier’ as well as its music video, and it might just be one of our favorite YUNGBLUD music videos of all time.

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yungblud oli sykes happier music video
Image Source: Tom Pallant

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What do you think of the ‘Happier’ music video? Are your favorite moments different? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on DiscordFacebook, and Instagram.


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