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APOBANGPO! Here’s 7 Things To Look Forward To In Order To Keep You Going Until BTS’s Return In 2025

APOBANGPO! Here’s 7 Things To Look Forward To In Order To Keep You Going Until BTS’s Return In 2025

ARMYS REJOICE! It’s been confirmed that BTS will officially be renewing their contract, meaning our boys will be sticking around for the long run!

HYBE announced that BIGHIT MUSIC will sign with all seven BTS members sequentially and continue to work with the group on their future releases from 2025 onwards. 

Speaking in a press release, HYBE said: “With the renewal of their contracts, we are looking forward to supporting BTS’ group activities expected in 2025,” and added, “HYBE and BIGHIT MUSIC will provide all support necessary to continue to expand and elevate BTS’ presence.”

And, as a gesture of gratitude to both BTS and ARMY, BIGHIT MUSIC donated 1 billion KRW to the Korean Committee for UNICEF. The donation was made as part of the LOVE MYSELF campaign that was launched in collaboration with BTS back in 2017.

As of right now, the septet is in the midst of enlisting for their mandatory military service, which unfortunately means the group’s music activities are on hold with plans for them to reunite in 2025. But ARMY hasn’t been left high and dry, as each member has since been releasing solo projects, giving us a taste of their individual talents and sounds. But while we have really been enjoying these solo activities, we can’t help but long for the day that our seven angels are reunited once more!

Listen, we know 2025 seems like a long time away, but time really is flying these days. 2023 is over 70% done, and we are less than a year away from Jin’s return. So, to keep morals high, we’ve put together a list of things you can think about while we wait for that blessed day to arrive.

The First OT7 Photo

Whether it’s a selca or a professional photo shoot, we don’t care! But just know that the first OT7 photo where they have reunited will be so sentimental and will be our lock screens, our desktop background, and in our family photo albums. It will be treasured forever!

The First Comeback

We actually only recently got an OT7 song back in June in honor of BTS’s 10th anniversary, which was pre-recorded long in advance, so we won’t be surprised if they do this again before 2025 for their next anniversary or something special. But what we’re really looking forward to is that first proper comeback where they are all together in person and are excited and full of energy for the beginning of the rest of their careers. We just know it’s going to sound amazing and break the charts!

The Potential Return Of Bon Voyage

Because of the pandemic, we have been robbed of Bon Voyage since 2019. We initially gave up hope and thought that maybe In The Soop was here to stay, but with the recent discussions between V and SUGA on Suchwita, it seems Bon Voyage is still something that BTS very much wants to do. The pair discussed the possibility of going to see the Northern Lights together, and honestly, the seven wonders of music visiting one of the seven wonders of the world makes total sense. While nothing has been confirmed, we are crossing our fingers that we may very well get a season five of Bon Voyage. We’re already thinking of the snacks we’d buy to binge it with…

The First Tour

Perhaps the one thing all seven members are longing for the most is a BTS tour! All seven have expressed a high interest in touring in 2025 to the point that we’re not even sure if they plan to unpack when they reunite before heading off (though really, guys, you take your time! If you need to rest first, we’ll be here waiting!) Whenever they plan to tour again, we just know it’s going to be incredible. ARMY, we hope you’ve started your savings! We’ll be honest; we’ve even been imagining what kind of outfits we want to wear. Not even sorry about it!

The First Welive

BTS live streams have always been chaotic, but when all seven members are present, they are absolute chaos in the best way possible! We are so excited for that Weverse notification saying that BTS is live. We’re even lowkey willing to bet they kick it off with their infamous “frozen screen” prank, pretending the live has crashed until someone ends up moving. And we are so ready for it!

The First Run BTS Episode

We’ll be honest: our Tuesdays just haven’t been the same since Run BTS had to end. Seeing our seven beloveds forgetting their superstar fame and battling each other all in the name of a rice cooker or some food vouchers is basically free therapy. But we just know that the first episode with all seven of them yelling “Dallyeora! Bangtan!” will hit differently, and our serotonin will be at an all-time high! We can’t wait to see what chaos the future episodes will bring.

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The First FESTA

FESTA is like Christmas for BTS and ARMY, and we know that the first FESTA of them reunited is just going to be fueled with emotions. The amount of new content, new special songs, new everything we will get is going to be amazing! And, dare we say it, maybe a muster event, too? There’s nothing like a two-week-long celebration of the love between the members and their beloved fans, and we just know it’s going to be a FESTA to remember!

Chin up, ARMY! We know it’s going to be some time waiting, but we believe in us, and we believe in BTS. 2025 will be here before you know it, and the wait will be worth it. APOBANGPO!

Are you excited about the BTS contract renewal? What are you looking forward to most in 2025? Let us know down in the comments or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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