5 Reasons Why Mark Lee From NCT Is One of the Most Talented Idols in K-POP

5 Reasons Why Mark Lee From NCT Is One of the Most Talented Idols in K-POP

Mark Lee, born 1999. Although he is one of the younger idols in K-Pop, he is definitely one of the most talented. After pre-debuting in SM Rookies in 2013, he officially debuted in NCT in 2016. Since his official debut, his career has then skyrocketed. Mark is currently part of 3 NCT subunits; NCT U, NCT 127 and, NCT Dream. He is also a member of the 7-member group, SuperM.

As a member of so many groups, you may wonder what about him is so appealing. Why does SM Entertainment and fans from all edges of the earth love him so much? Today, we are going to list 5 reasons why we think Mark Lee is one of the most talented idols in K-Pop.

1. His Rapping

Mark has to be one of the best rappers in his generation of K-pop. There is no style like him. One NCT 127 song that really features this is ‘The 7th Sense’. His sick flow and smooth tone allow you to truly feel the emotion in his raps. He cares about what he is rapping about and it’s like he can relate to the lyrics.

2. His Dancing

He is an amazing dancer. The way he perfectly moves his body to the beat and tells a story through his dance. From hip hop dance to more cute dances, he can do it all. We personally love his cute dancing in ‘Chewing Gum’. He was just adorable there.

He posted a video of him doing a freestyle dance on one of NCT’s official YouTube accounts called “Channel NCT Dance.” It is so smooth.

3. His Personality

Basically, he is a cute potato. He laughs, smiles and even gets flustered sometimes. He is down-to-earth and seems really caring. Being that he is from Canada and didn’t grow up in Korea, he may sometimes do things that does not match with Korean culture but he is always, always respectful. It’s one thing that we really love about him.

4. His Ability To Interact With Fans

He always works hard to interact with fans. As we mentioned before, he is from Canada so he is fluent in English but he also speaks Korean. He commonly translates for the group so that they can interact with international fans. He doesn’t have to do that but he does. And it shows how much he cares for his group and his fans.

And just because, watch this 7-minute video of Mark being cute, speaking English:

And last but not least,

5. His Versatility

His ability to change his styles according to what concept he is given. NCT Dream is more of a cute concept while NCT 127 has more of a mature concept. Even so, he matches with both of these well and really knows how to tell a story within each of the groups’ songs. He always matches his concepts and really knows how to tell different stories according to what he is given. That is truly a skill.

In Conclusion…

We have finally listed out the 5 reasons why we think Mark Lee from NCT is one of the most talented idols in K-Pop. What do you all think? Do you think he is as talented as we think he is? If so, leave a comment below or tweet us at @thehoneypop on Twitter.


Featured Image Source: SuperM ‘Jopping’ Official MV

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Keriona Thomas
Keriona Thomas
1 year ago

The 7th Sense is a NCT U song not NCT 127.


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