5 Reasons Why We Love Rook Cappelletty

It’s no secret that Machine Gun Kelly’s band includes some of the most talented artists in the industry – between Slim, Baze, Justin, Sophie, and Rook, there’s no shortage of jaw-dropping musical moments! Today, we’re gonna be discussing one of the OGs: his drummer Rook, who joined the band in 2012.

Rook Cappelletty never fails to inspire us with everything he does, whether it’s his drumming skills, pushing through a scary injury, or being a fighter when he faces an obstacle. He’s taken on the world and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again! We could talk about what makes Rook such a special musician and person all day, but we’ll keep it to just five reasons for now.

Image Source: @domlovescolson on Tumblr

He’s A Fan Just Like Us

Exhibit A: Rook became part of MGK’s band to begin with because he was a fan and sent Kells videos of him drumming! Gotta love the hustle, and gotta love the fact that he’s just as much of a superfan as we are. He officially joined Machine Gun Kelly when he was still in high school and earned the nickname of Rookie, which evolved into Rook.

Exhibit B: When Rook saw Post Malone live (with Ozzy Osbourne as a special guest, might we add), he posted concert videos to his story and sang along to every word of ‘Take What You Want!’ Our new life goal is to go to a show with him.

Image Source: Rook Cappelletty on Instagram

He’s Resilient & Strong

You might remember that back in 2021, Rook was robbed and then hit by a car, leaving him with a severely injured leg and a broken hand. He pushed through surgeries and months of therapy after doctors told him he wouldn’t be able to walk for 8 to 10 months – within 6 months, he was walking and back to drumming onstage!

Rook is living proof that if you work hard for something and really put in the effort, you’ll get there. He’s such an inspiration to us through situations where we need to be persistent and determined!

His Drum Talent

Okay, kind of an obvious one, but we’ll never give up an opportunity to talk about how talented Rook is. He’s made such a name for himself on the alt scene that he’s done his own headline shows, performance videos with artists like MOD SUN, and featured on songs with artists like SK8 and Nathan James.

He Always Puts Family First

Whether it’s his EST family or his blood family, Rook always looks out for the ones closest to him! His blood family goes to a bunch of Machine Gun Kelly shows to see him in action onstage, doing what he loves the most, plus his dad is his best friend and we adore their bond. He’s so loyal to those around him and it definitely shows – everyone needs someone like Rook in their life!

His Appreciation For Fans

From recording Cameo videos and posting fans’ merch pictures on his Instagram story, to helping EST’s favorite Rook fan, Bronxx The Drummer, get his shining moment onstage, Rook constantly shows how much he appreciates his supporters! It shows us that Rook sees us as more than just fans or profiles on the internet – he views us as people who just so happen to admire his work, and he does his best to give back as much as possible.

Now we wanna hear from you! What are your favorite things about Rook? Have you gotten to meet him and share your appreciation in person? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more Machine Gun Kelly content, click here.


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