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How MOD SUN Encourages Us To Celebrate Our ‘Battle Scars’

How MOD SUN Encourages Us To Celebrate Our ‘Battle Scars’

We at THP consider it an international holiday whenever MOD SUN drops new music, so get ready to celebrate! He just offered us the triumphant ‘Battle Scars,’ a look back at who he’s been and a hopeful look forward at who he’s becoming. We’re so proud of all the progress he’s made as an artist and a person over the years! This song also has us thinking about how we’ve grown and moved towards being the people we want to be. It also doesn’t hurt that he delivered an incredible short film of a music video starring Zach Villa of American Horror Story

I was dealing with addiction for a decade. I was in relationships that I knew were destroying who I really was. I went to war with myself and came out on top. I’m so proud of where I am today and this song really helped me get there.


MOD is one of the most unapologetically vulnerable artists out there, and he’s constantly sharing his experiences to make us feel less alone, as well as encouraging fans to keep pushing through whatever problems they’re facing. Here are some ways he does that and creates a special bond with his listeners!

On Twitter

Whether it’s a follow spree, a teaser for new music, or a little motivational message, MOD has pretty much mastered the art of fan engagement on Twitter. We love scrolling down his page anytime we’re feeling down – there’s always something to make us smile! Make sure you follow him and turn your notifs on so you don’t miss anything.

Someone loves you. That someone is me.

MOD SUN on Twitter

Through His Poems

You could argue any songwriter is a poet of sorts, but MOD is literally a poet on top of being a musician. He’s released a variety of poetry books over the years, and each one feels like he ripped out a piece of his heart and smashed it on the page. That vulnerability is part of what draws so many fans to his work, and it’s helped so many people be more comfortable with their past and who they are.

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With His Music

Of course, with ‘Battle Scars’ in our frequent rotation now, we have to circle back to MOD‘s music! Songs like ‘Battle Scars,’ ‘I Remember Way Too Much,’ and ‘Stay Away’ feel like time capsules to different moments in his life, which he opens up to let us know it’s okay to let yourself feel anything you’re feeling. He shows his scars so we can feel less alienated for having our own, and isn’t that what we all want in an artist to look up to?

These are just a few of the many things we love about MOD SUN! Now, we wanna hear from you – what do you think of ‘Battle Scars?’ What’s your favorite thing about MOD? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more MOD SUN content to bring some sunshine to your day, click here.


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