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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan MOD SUN

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan MOD SUN

From the pop-punk scene to stan Twitter, everybody loves MOD SUN. As his name suggests, he’s pure sunshine! Whether he’s rocking out, making some artwork, or just being awesome, MOD is one of our favorite people in the music industry. Here are five reasons why you should love him as much as we do.

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His Music

Starting with the obvious, MOD really knows how to make an anthem we can’t get out of our heads. Some of our favorite recent tracks include the angsty ‘Karma,’ which came with a Machine Gun Kelly-directed music video, and the Avril Lavigne-assisted ‘Flames,’ which is as fiery as the title itself. Finally, for a throwback rec, we’ll offer you the unforgettable ‘I Remember Way Too Much’:

His Dedication To Helping Others

MOD is always set on uplifting his fans and peers on the music scene through his music and social media. He’s constantly inspiring us with his kind words and focus on making the world a better place! Even some of our faves, like Royal & The Serpent, appreciate the light he brings.

His Fashion Sense

Come on, you can’t blame us! MOD’s ‘Rich Kids Ruin Everything’ music video alone gives us so much inspo that we’re almost overwhelmed.  He’s even working on launching a clothing line with Machine Gun Kelly called No Safety Kids, so we’re eagerly awaiting that drop!

His Performances

Naturally, part of what makes MOD one of our favorite artists is how he brings his songs to life on stage. Even with stripped-back performances, like this one of ‘Stay Away,’ he finds ways to connect with the audience and make it an experience they’ll never forget. In addition, his live shows really give a new dimension to tracks we already loved!

His Artwork

You might not know that MOD is also a talented visual artist! He often sells paintings he’s made on his merch store, and while we haven’t snagged one for the THP offices yet, we’re definitely keeping an eye out. We love the vibrant colors and playful style that match his personality. 

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Image Source: MOD SUN

So if you don’t stan MOD yet, what are you waiting for? Go turn MOD SUN into your MOD ONE AND ONLY!

What are your favorite things about MOD SUN? Which of his songs do you connect with the most? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more MOD content to add some SUNshine to your day, click here


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