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7 Times Worldwide Handsome Jin Showed Off His Jintastic Vocals

7 Times Worldwide Handsome Jin Showed Off His Jintastic Vocals

Jin is BTS’s oldest member, and we all know how much of a golden voice he has. Jin is versatile with his singing, pulling off amazing high notes one minute and then belting out a powerful line the next. Whether it’s a solo or group song, he always makes sure to deliver! We know all you ARMY wives are sad about his military departure, so let’s buckle down and go over 7 times that Mr. Worldwide Handsome Jin showed us his Jintastic vocals.


On his solo song on the album Love Yourself: Answer, Jin made sure to show off his honey vocals and his goal of spreading the message of self-love to others. Jin surprised fans as he sang a beautiful melody for the song’s ending, capturing everyone’s hearts. If the lyrics aren’t enough to make you cry, his mesmerizing singing will turn you into a crying mess.


This legendary song and dance practice gave Jin the justice he deserved. He hits some high keys as he sings his parts during the pre-chorus, and you can even hear him in the hidden vocals. This song shows off his rock and roll skills. Jin always surprises us and shines when he sings hard-hitting songs, showing that he isn’t only the king of ballads.


A heartfelt memento to his late pets, Jin’s voice in ‘Tonight’ will shock you to the core. As he sings about his feelings, his voice is soothing and filled with all his emotions. This was a new side to Jin, and it was wonderful to see him do a different style of singing.


Coming from his latest release, ‘Astronaut’ shows how much Jin’s vocals and emotions have evolved over the years. You can hear the improvement in his vocal in this song, and if you won’t take our word for it, listen to the song and hear it yourself! Jin’s comforting voice feels like a warm hug for all of his fans. He truly knows have to move people with his singing in this song.

‘Crystal Snow’

No one can forget the triple high note from this iconic Japanese song. When it comes to their Japanese songs, Jin is going to devour them. His triple high note paired with his angelic singing makes this one of his best verses in their Japanese songs. This song was refreshing to listen to, and Jin only adds more to this effect. Not only does he sound like an angel, he even glows like one on stage when performing the song. This is one of our personal favorites on the list!


‘Moon’ is Jin’s solo song from Map Of The Soul, and it is such an unforgettable banger. This song is fun and energetic as Jin talks about how he is ARMY’s moon and we are his whole world. You can hear how much fun Jin has in this song with his singing as he shows off his love for his fans. This song will make you view Jin’s vocals in a new light.

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‘Super Tuna’

Always save the best for last! Jin shows off a cute, fun side in ‘Super Tuna.’ The song is short, but it’s still a certified banger. Even if this is supposed to be a silly song, Jin still shows us that no matter the vibe, the vocals will always hit. ‘Super Tuna’ is sure to have you singing and dancing along to it.

Did you see one of your fave songs on here that showed off how much of a vocal king Jin is? Is there a different song you think of when it comes to his amazing vocals? Let us know in the comments, or check us out on Twitter @TheHoneyPop or Facebook and Instagram!


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