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NCT 127 Move ‘Faster’ With A 2023 Tour – Here’s What We Want To See On Tour!

NCT 127 Move ‘Faster’ With A 2023 Tour – Here’s What We Want To See On Tour!

NCTZENS, are you ready to be one of the baddies at NCT 127’s newest tour? Then, get your outfit ready because Neo is in your zone! NCT 127 have just announced their 2023 US and Latin America tour. After seeing huge success in their world tour this year and 2 Baddies, the Neos are back for Round 2. The first stop of the tour will be in none other than Johnny’s hometown, Chicago. The tour will conclude in Mexico City. Are you curious about what NCT 127 will do while on tour? Want to know what the Neos have planned? Here is our dream list of things we want to see NCT 127 do while on tour!

Our Ideal NCT 127 US And Latin America Tour

Johnny Communication Center Home Pt.2

If you’re a huge fan of NCT, you know the JCC video where Johnny visited his family’s home during NCT’s 2019 tour. We would love to get a continuation of this video since it has most likely been a long time since Johnny has been home. The way his mom treats the boys is so heartwarming. We need more cute interactions and sleepovers!

The Full 2 Baddies Album

Sadly, NCT did not perform the full 2 Baddies album when they toured abroad this year. Hopefully, we will get this wish granted in 2023! Since they are coming back now and have performed it in Seoul, we look forward to hearing some more songs from the album. Some of our top picks would have to be ‘Time Lapse,’ ‘Gold Dust,’ and ‘Designer.’ Did we also mention they landed No. 3 on Billboard 200 with this album? This album can’t be missed live!

Mark And Taeyong Performing ‘Lit’

Their hit song for the Korean dance program, Street Man Fighter, ‘Lit’ by Mark and Taeyong is absolutely lit! The duo performed the song for the first time during the Seoul tour stop. They even did the choreo with the song! We’re hoping to get a glimpse of it at their stops as well.

NCT Trying Different USA And Latin American Food

Food in the USA and Latin America can get really good and we all want to see the boys chow down on some of that yummy food. We would love to see some vlogs of the boys getting to enjoy the USA and Latin American cuisine, even just pics would be fine! Our main wish is that the boys are eating to their heart’s content.

127 Zone 2023

For their Seoul stops, the boys had something called 127 Zone. This was a huge area for all Nctzens to enjoy! The 127 Zone included bean bags, pictures of the boys, food trucks, and many more fun things to do and see. We hope they decide to have a 127 Zone for the 2023 tour as well!

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On a scale from 1 to 127, how excited are you about this tour? What are some things you want NCT 127 to do while they’re touring? What are some songs you want to hear them sing? Let us know in the comments, on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, or on our Facebook and Instagram!



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