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Ed Sheeran Draws The ‘Curtains’ For – (Subtract)’s Live Debut On Apple Music Live

Ed Sheeran Draws The ‘Curtains’ For – (Subtract)’s Live Debut On Apple Music Live


You grab the remote controller and turn on a new interview of your favorite artist. Less than a second later there’s a man with vibrant ginger hair on stage with The National’s Aaron Dessner. They along with a 10-piece band are rehearsing for an Apple Music Live performance. Apple Music Live’s second season starts with Ed Sheeran’s – (Subtract) making its live debut. Ed Sheeran’s – (Subtract) being performed live is certainly a pivotal point for his amazing career. After Ed Sheeran finishes rehearsing Matt Wilkinson joins Ed Sheeran on stage for a relaxed and laid-back interview.

Ed Sheeran‘s interview with Matt Wilkinson is much awaited. As we watched the 13-minute interview we gained great insight into Ed Sheeran’s mind behind the album. Ed Sheeran is a humble 32-year-old lad from Halifax who’s amazed at where he is in his career. Can you believe that now after 10+ years he is considering himself to be a singer-songwriter? Without a doubt, Ed Sheeran with – (Subtract) is where he qualifies himself to be a singer-songwriter.

Image Source: Courtesy of Sam Citron, Apple Music

Like I feel like I’ve graduated into being an actual singer-songwriter. I’ve been like part singer-songwriter, part pop star for the last 10 years.”

Ed Sheeran

We know right, it shocked us too! It’s fascinating to see how we fans can see the singer-songwriter capabilities and talent that Ed Sheeran has. However, getting to the point of internal recognition is another journey. We believe that – (Subtract)‘s release aided in that and removed any of his ‘Shivers’ of doubt.

This Apple Music Live Performance Is Ed Sheeran’s Step Into Acceptance

Matt Wilkinson makes Ed Sheeran feel relaxed and comfortable taking on a vulnerable interview. Despite the interview taking place within a theater, we felt at home with Ed Sheeran. The first part of the interview includes Ed and Aaron Dessner discussing the rehearsal and production in the making of the heartfelt album. Ed Sheeran has never shied away from making emotional songs, however, now with the touch of Aaron Dessner’s magic, the album is double emotional. We’ve seen what an album that has been graced with Aaron Dessner’s talent creates in emotional impact; see Taylor Swift

From the trio chatting together the interview then transitions into a deeper 1:1 chat with Matt. It must be remembered that these deeper chats with Matt are reflective of the story woven in – (Subtract)

Truly, as we watched the interview it was moving to see Ed Sheeran as a singular person. This interview was and the soon-to-be performance is special. The Eventim Apollo where the event is hosted, notably, is a place that Ed Sheeran hasn’t been in since 2012 with his friend Jamal who passed in 2022. Jamal was one of Ed Sheeran’s closest friends who along with Ed’s wife, Cherry, inspired ‘Eyes Closed.’

Ed Sheeran’s – (Subtract) is full of feeling which was encouraged by Aaron Dessner during production. Songs on – (Subtract) like ‘Dusty,’ ‘Sea Salt,’ ‘Spark,’ and ‘End Of Youth,’ will induce tears no matter how many times you listen to them. These songs cultivate a weird ping of pain, bittersweet, sourness, and healing. The entire album is deeply personal which is why Ed Sheeran talks about his anxiety of performing it. His nerves and mind are surely telling him it needs to be perfect when telling his story and sharing his emotions. Whether you’re a big Ed Sheeran fan or not, this interview is a must-watch.

Ed Sheeran Performs – (Subtract) On Apple Music Live And Pours Out His Heart, Soul, And Existence To All

Ed Sheeran had nerves, rightfully so as he charged into something different. Just as – (Subtract) is full of vulnerability, the Apple Music Live performance will be as well. Ed Sheeran is not using loot pedals for the first time and embracing playing with a live band. The comfort of predictability of loot pedals going not exactly as planned but being able to embrace it is changing. This is Ed Sheeran taking ownership of the singer-songwriter title in a new way. He is giving it to himself.

Ed Sheeran has shared before that he hopes that his fans feel inspired by his songs. Explicitly, during the interview, Ed Sheeran tells Matt Wilkinson that he legally owns his songs, but the fans truly own them. Ed Sheeran shares a deep thought, that we at THP, and we are sure that you will understand. It’s this understanding that songs are not under the “ownership” of the artist. However, people can find a connection to a song and make it their own. That’s what Ed Sheeran wanted in his live performance and why he wanted it to be so perfect. Don’t worry Ed, we know it’ll go fantastically.

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Image Source: Courtesy of Sam Citron, Apple Music

It’s time for us to grab our box of tissues, a cozy blanket, and your favorite snack, and watch the performance now available on Apple Music and Apple TV+. If you’re like us and have enjoyed Ed Sheeran’s live performances before and you can’t stop streaming the album, this is a perfect blend of the two. Don’t let the ‘Curtains‘ go down on Ed Sheeran now, let the sunshine in by streaming this performance to warm you up. To get even more Ed Sheeran, you must watch Ed Sheeran: The Sum Of It All the docuseries on Disney+ that goes even deeper behind the album and Ed Sheeran himself.

Once you get a chance to watch this lovely performance, we want to hear all about it. It’s a perfect excuse to talk non-stop about Ed Sheeran! You can share your favorite moments with us below in the comments! Or you can meet us in the comments on Facebook or Instagram or if you’re feeling adventurous send us a tweet @thehoneypop.


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