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5 Loveless Songs We Love

5 Loveless Songs We Love

L.A. rock duo Loveless has been on a roll lately. Ever since their explosion of exposure on TikTok during the panini, Loveless has put out banger after banger, covering some iconic songs and collaborating with some incredible artists. We love their pop-rock sound, infusing the heavier elements of rock music with the more electronic side of pop. They’re a fun group, even though they can nail a sad song, and what can we say? We just love Loveless in this house.

With the insanely good releases lately, we wanted to name our five favorite Loveless songs. Check out our thoughts below!


While it’s a cover, and it’s Loveless’ most popular song, it’s just too good not to talk about. Julian Comeau’s vocals were plastered over TikTok, specifically the chorus, and we’re going to be honest. We get it. The song is somewhat haunting, leaving you on the edge of your seat. We love the chugging guitars in the second verse and the intensity of the second chorus. Oh, and the post-hardcore-influenced bridge? The cherry on top. This song could do no wrong in our book.

‘Drag Me Down’

Okay, sue us (don’t actually). We know the track is brand new, but god, do we love it. ‘Drag Me Down’ is a vulnerable and honest track. It’s a bit cinematic with the easy flow in the first verse, a gradual filtering of instruments in, and the pre-chorus drops out, leaving Comeau’s voice isolated, with a single, small beat mimicking a heart behind it before the instrumentals burst into the chorus. We love the dynamics in this track, and the push and pull of the instrumentals. It’s a melancholic song, with higher vocals, and the chorus is quite catchy.

‘Hate Me (feat. Loveless)’ by The Word Alive & Loveless

We know we say we love a lot of things, but we also love The Word Alive, okay? And we love Loveless. So, you can see where this is going. ‘Hate Me’ is a collab between the two bands (that we love) and it does not disappoint. Comeau’s and Tyler Smith’s (The Word Alive) vocals absolutely slap in this song, and they work off each other so well. It feels like a proper collab, both artists contributing and having fun. We would not be opposed to another The Word Alive x Loveless song… obviously.

‘Someone Else (feat. Kellin Quinn)’

Another collab, but it’s with one of the most iconic voices in the emo scene… Kellin Quinn. This song is sad, there’s no denying it, but the soaring chorus makes us feel something. We think Comeau’s and Quinn’s voices go together really well, as well, showing how malleable and versatile Comeau’s voice is. The low synth in the background of the song with distorted post-rock guitar keeps the mood of the song in check, and yeah, we may have cried to this song a time or two. Or ten.

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This song is smack dab behind ‘Someone Else’ off Loveless I, with so many fewer listens, which we just can’t believe. ‘Smile’ channels pop-punk guitars in the beginning, and the melody is bittersweet (again, we know, we have a thing for bittersweet music). The moment before the second verse starts, there’s this use of electronic distortion, and it’s weird, but it’s a good weird. It kind of knocks you off your horse a little, but it causes you to sit straighter.

Let us guess, we missed your favorite song. We’re not surprised, because Loveless has a lot of really good tracks to pick from. But, we want to know what your favorite Loveless songs are, so tweet us, or find us on Instagram and Facebook. We’ll be waiting.


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