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‘Manifesting’ Is Real, And Kamille Is Here To Prove It With A Little Help From Kojey Radical

‘Manifesting’ Is Real, And Kamille Is Here To Prove It With A Little Help From Kojey Radical

Hot on the heels of her debut mini-album, K1, our girl Kamille is back to feed us even more, and we are sat here with our plate and cutlery, more than happy to devour every ounce that she serves. The GRAMMY-winning singer-songwriter closed out her album with ‘Manifesting Pt. 1,’ a strong track to end the record on, and we were content with the idea that we may not get a part two until her next record. We made peace with it. But now Kamille has surprised us with a quick follow-up and has recruited Mercury Prize nominee and friend, Kojey Radical, as a feature.

Rapping over soulful melodies, ‘Manifesting Pt. 2’ explores Kamille’s personal journey through her career as an artist, paying tribute to her constant hard work, grind, ambitions, and sheer determination. “B*tch I’m destined, manifesting all my blessings I’m gon’ get // I’mma speak it, I’mma be it I’mma claim it’s what I’m gon’ get” feels almost like a mantra that inspires listeners, and part one has already proven popular with her fans on social media following the release of K1.

Hoxton rapper Kojey Radical’s verse adds that extra layer of hip-hop swagger. “Can I get loose? // How many times have I paid my dues? // True, now can I speak my truth? Kamille, Baby I think it’s time to make moves // I still duck when I see the red and blue // Must be criminal to feel this good” really hits home about the graft that comes along with manifesting and earning what it is you truly desire.

Speaking in a press release, Kamille shares about ‘Manifesting Pt. 2’:  “I really believe in the power of manifesting and believing that things I want in my life can happen, if I whole-heartedly believe they will. I made this song to inspire anyone who has lost hope for a second.”

And when it comes to manifesting, Kamille really is a success story that can inspire you. Just check out some of the things she’s successfully manifested for herself.

A Successful Songwriting Career

10 years ago, Kamille began her journey as a songwriter writing ‘What About Us’ for The Saturdays. It earned both the girl group and Kamille their first number-one and was the beginning of Kamille’s prosperous career, where she has since written for the likes of  Little MixDua LipaRAYEStormzyAnne-Marie, CNCO, Jax Jones, and Olly Murs, to name a few. This work went on to win her numerous awards, including a GRAMMY, a BRIT, and a BMI Pop Award. Not bad, right?

A Rising Career As An Independent Artist

@kamilleofficial I’m not about to give up!! #behindthesong #storytime ♬ Time To Kill – Kamille

When it comes to manifesting, it’s important to know that it’s not just like it’ll appear in front of you as if granted to you by a fairy godmother or a genie. There can definitely be setbacks in getting what you want. Kamille doesn’t shy away from discussing the trials and tribulations she’s faced in getting to where she is today. But with her hard work and putting it out into the universe, the proof of Kamille manifesting herself what she’s been dreaming of for years is finally here. The singer-songwriter has taken the steps to become an independent artist when it comes to her own music, and she’s reaping the fruits of her labor. Her singles this past year have been proving successful, and she’s rapidly gaining a following of her own outside of her work for other artists. And we know that more is yet to come!

A Headline Show In London

Kamille Manifesting Pt.2 London Headline Show
Courtesy of Carver PR

It’s pretty much every artist’s dream to have a headlining show in London, and as an independent artist, we know that Kamille has to put twice the amount of work in for everything she wants. But the hard work is clearly paying off, as she’ll be headlining her very own show on Thursday, October 12th at London Omeara. Tickets are currently on sale if you want to witness the queen in action as she continues to live her best life!

A Beautiful Family

@kamilleofficial a new level of love unlocked 🥹 #dadsoftiktok #newbaby #parentsoftiktok ♬ original sound – KAMILLE

The power of manifesting has even reached Kamille in her personal life. As well as an incredible career, she has married the love of her life, and earlier this year, she became a first-time mother to her son! Balancing motherhood and a thriving career isn’t easy, but Kamille seems to be absolutely bossing it. From recording a song about expecting her bundle of joy to taking him to the studio with her, we are truly obsessed with Mama Kamille! And we love seeing little glimpses of her happy family on social media from time to time. Our girlie really is thriving, and we are beaming with pride!

‘Manifesting Pt.2’ is out now

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