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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: We’re ‘Down Crazy’ For Gigi Vega!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: We’re ‘Down Crazy’ For Gigi Vega!

Gigi Vega EI

Everyone get ready to fall in love with the rising star that will never leave your playlists, Gigi Vega!

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Gigi Vega is an all-rounder, she does it all, sing, act, dance, choreograph, and write, what can’t this girl do? No really, it’s always so cool to see stars who pursue a lot, and put everything into their craft. Adding onto already standing out amongst others, the star currently has a 132k Instagram followers, and her holiday track, ‘Mistletoe Kiss’ was trending on TikTok, and rightfully so.

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Now newer track ‘Down Crazy,’ has quickly risen to the top of the charts, and our hearts, as the singer continues to show off her vocal abilities. It has reached the #3 spot on the 100 iTunes chart, and #1 on RnB iTunes chart, along the way she passed by some of her idols to gain her top spots. How cool is that? Sharing the charts with people you looked up to? Well, Gigi probably has a better way of explaining the feeling. So, check out our interview with the rising star as we talk, future projects, ‘Down Crazy,’ and everything in-between.

Hey Gigi, do you mind giving us a cool short introduction into who you are? Think of it like a way you’ve always imagined yourself being introduced.
I’m a powerhouse firecracker who will bring you to your feet. Dancing and singing along; while enjoying a fabulous moment in life.

Your latest single ‘Down Crazy’ has been doing amazing on the charts passing up some pretty big names congratulations! What does it mean to you that your track is amongst other amazing artists?
Yeah, it’s crazy. Having my dreams become a reality is insane. It took hard work and being around the right people. I hit some pretty dark times. It was a struggle to get to where I am. I am very proud and thankful at the same time to my amazing, caring team at BreakOut Music.

Speaking of amazing artists, if you could have anyone jump on the ‘Down Crazy’ track with you, which artist(s) would you choose?
There are so many rappers killing it right now. Definitely wanna Collaborate with YC or YG! I’ve always been a YG fan. Doja Cat is killing the game right now too. I would be grateful to work with any of those artists and so many other great talents out there.

What made you want to create a song like ‘Down Crazy?’
When I put ‘Down Crazy’ together, I wanted to create a bop that females could really relate to. I love writing lyrics that reflect my friend’s lives and my own life. Things that we all go through. The song is very current and relatable.

 If ‘Down Crazy’ was a person, what kind of person do you think they would be?
Hmm… somebody who is trying to have a good time, spread positive energy, and is easy to get along with. However, ‘Down Crazy’ is no fool, so if you think you got her with your games, you might find yourself on the other side of the door – so to speak. In the video, the guy ends up getting pushed into the pool.

Last year you put out a holiday song, ‘Mistletoe Kiss’ and as soon as it hit November we’ve definitely added it to our playlists. There are so many holiday hits that have been made over the years, was it daunting to create something new for that space? How did you ensure you kept that holiday spirit but made something new and something that was you?
That’s really interesting. Yes, you always have to find the right balance. But, it’s one of those tracks that came very naturally, so it wasn’t too hard to do that. You have got to know the market but I am a unique artist, so I was not so worried. You can’t think about that when you’re going through the creative process, or you’ll get paralyzed.

What is the biggest influence for you when creating music?
 I listen to so much music. I study music every day. But if I’m trying to put something out there for the holidays, I’m gonna be checking on Mariah (Carey), for sure.

What was the moment in your life that made you realize no matter how hard it may be to get to the top, there was no way you could quit?
Well, I’ve definitely been in some situations where someone tried to put me down. So, you just have to know when to not let things affect you and keep going.  Not everyone wants you to do well and it’s sad but you have to ignore that and the negativity. I read the book The ‘Tipping Point’ many years ago. It taught me a lot about working hard and working beyond your abilities to reach new heights. That is what I do.

Image Source: BreakOut Music

You’re really doing it all, not only are you a singer, but a dancer, writer, and actress. What is one thing that’s on your bucket list to try, whether it’s a new profession or a hobby?
Honestly, I want to be out there performing on stage right now. Covid-19 interfered with so much. But, I’m not worried about new things as much because I love what I’m doing right now. I love to perform and bring a crowd to their feet.

What can we expect going forward in Gigi Vega’s career?
More music, shows, features, and movies! I have a lot up my sleeve. I’m also working on a really fun clothing line.

Are there any parting words you would like to say to your fans?
Be passionate about life. Find something special every day and focus on the good and the beautiful. Be kind to others and always put your family and loved ones first. Family is everything.

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Those were some wise words from Gigi that we will have to remember.

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We can’t wait to see all the projects Gigi has coming up. For now we will be replaying ‘Down Crazy,’ and listening to ‘Mistletoe Kiss’ to get us into the holiday spirit!

So, have you added ‘Down Crazy’ by Gigi Vega to your playlists? Are you as excited about her future as we are? Let us know in the comments down below, on Twitter @thehoneypop, or talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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