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Exclusive Interview: Thomas Day Talks All Things ‘Overplayed’

Exclusive Interview: Thomas Day Talks All Things ‘Overplayed’

If you’re not already fully on board the Thomas Day train, allow us to convert you! After our chat with Thomas and checking out the three songs he blessed our ears with last year, we’re full-on stans! There is something so honest about the songwriting you’ll see displayed in Thomas’ music, particularly ‘Overplayed.’ The track focuses on a love that is seemingly coming to an end, that has been ‘Overplayed.’ That feeling is one that is all too prevalent in so many of our tragic breakup tales. Any artist who can capture a feeling that we as the listener have a hard time putting into words the way Thomas Day does will have a long career in this industry. That is the type of artist people attach to. 

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We were lucky enough to get to chat with Thomas Day about everything from ‘OverPlayed’ to the impact TikTok and AGT have had on his career.

You grew up in a musical family, what is the earliest memory you have of falling in love with music, whether that be a song you all used to sing as a family, a favorite artist, a performance? How did growing up in a musical family influence you in your own music?
I remember listening to a lot of The Beatles music at a young age with my family. It really inspired me to write and perform my own music.

You’ve been on AGT and also put out music on TikTok, how different does it feel going from live performances in front of an audience to performing just to your phone/computer for digital upload? Do you feel TikTok has helped you tap into an audience you may not have previously? I love performing on any platform. I really love finding different ways to perform for fans. When I perform on social platforms like TikTok it feels more personal because I can see the instant reactions from fans. Music has changed my life and I hope that my music can do the same for others.

We’ve always wondered what it would be like to compete on a talent show like AGT, what was that experience like? How do you think it’s impacted the way you approach the industry/music in general? What did you take away from your AGT experience? It was an amazing experience and one of my first times performing in front of a large audience, so it gave me a ton of confidence to make the move into taking my music career seriously and go after it.

Your new single ’Overplayed’ is out in the world! Congratulations! How were you feeling leading up to its release? What have been some of your favorite moments from fans since it was released? Tell us how you knew ‘Overplayed’ was the song you wanted to release as the follow-up to ‘Softly.’
I felt great about it and the song is very personal to me. To now see fans sending me videos using the song is amazing!

Songwriting is hard, you have explained how important it is for you to express emotions through music, but putting your emotions into songs and showing your vulnerability is harder. Do you ever stop and think “maybe I’m oversharing?” If yes, how do you try to overcome this feeling?
I don’t feel like I’m oversharing. I’m a guy who has always worn my heart on my sleeve and music is an extension of that. I also feel like the more I can pour myself into my songs the more it will relate to others and the more they can feel and apply it to their own situations in life.

How would you describe the feeling of relating a song to the way you are feeling or even writing one about it? How do you approach writing emotional music with such vulnerability? Does it come easy to you or do you have to get into the right headspace? I typically write songs about real experiences. That’s what inspires me the most to write. So my headspace for writing comes when I feel and or experience something in real-time.

Anything you can tell us about more music coming in the future? Yes, I’m planning to release a new song called ‘The New Me’ that I’m very excited about.

Being a musician was your biggest dream from the beginning. So, we are sure you have an “I made it!” moment, can you tell us about it? What was it, and how did you feel? I have several moments that I feel were big steps in my career. AGT, Successful posts on TikTok, writing a great song, etc. All of these moments were part of what got me to this point and all felt like large steps forward. I’m looking forward to more of those moments and continuing to grow as an artist.

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You’ve noted Lewis Capaldi, Sam Smith, and Bruno Mars as three of your biggest musical inspirations, what do you love most about them as artists that you feel inspires your music the most? What is your favorite song by each of them? And out of the three, who would you like to collab with the most?
Lewis Capaldi has been an artist that has inspired me as a singer and a writer and I would say he is one of my favorites… I would love to collab with him.

You have a love for music and football, but do you have any other hobbies or special interests outside of those areas? I love watching hockey, being with my friends and I’m a big fan of fashion.

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