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5 Of Our Favorite Lyrics From ENHYPEN’s DIMENSION : ANSWER Repackage

5 Of Our Favorite Lyrics From ENHYPEN’s DIMENSION : ANSWER Repackage

If you’re anything like us at THP, you’re constantly looking for the next big K-Pop group to start stanning before they explode into the mainstream. And if you’re anything like us, you know ENHYPEN are one of the most promising groups out there! Jake, Jay, Jungwon, Heeseung, NI-KI, Sunghoon, and Sunoo are some of our favorite idols and their latest project, DIMENSION : ANSWER, reminds us exactly why they stole our hearts.

DIMENSION : ANSWER delivers ENHYPEN’s first-ever repackage album, reimagining their September 2021 record, DIMENSION : DILEMMA, with three new tracks: ‘Blessed-Cursed,’ ‘Polaroid Love,’ and ‘Outro : Day 2.’ Unsurprisingly, the album is incredible and shows off the group’s incredible range after a breakout year

Let’s step through the ‘Wormhole’ and into the world of DIMENSION : ANSWER! We’ll be using Genius’ fan-sourced English translations of the songs for clarity.

“You’re trapped by the same choices, you’re frozen, not knowing what to do…”

We love this lyric from the energetic ‘Tamed-Dashed’ and its emphasis on how you need to regularly grow as a person and be willing to take risks. If you stay in your safe zone without taking a jump when you need to, you’ll be “frozen” in one place even if you outgrow it. And what better motivation to better yourself than ENHYPEN encouraging you to?

“You’re putting me in danger with such a harmless face…” 

This line from the crush anthem ‘Just A Little Bit’ perfectly captures what it feels like to fall for someone new. It can be scary, confusing, and thrilling all at once! The contrast between “danger” and a “harmless face” is such an interesting way to describe the conflicting feelings you might experience while crushing on someone.

“Wanting to live without any fear, my heart is racing like a main character…”

‘Blockbuster’ gives us all the fun main character vibes, and this lyric perfectly sums up the song’s adrenaline and excitement. The song describes wanting your life to be action-packed like a blockbuster movie, and we can’t wait for when the pandemic calms down so this can become our anthem for nights out with friends.

“Victory inherited, secret hiding behind the stage lights…”

There’s an ominous air of mystery to this line from ‘Blessed-Cursed,’ describing the contrast between idols’ lives in the public eye and their private downtime. It’s a reminder that ENHYPEN are still very human when they’re not in the spotlight, and it’s so impressive that they can take on so much pressure at such a young age. 

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“It’s like a polaroid love, love that old-fashioned feeling…”

We love the playful throwback vibes on ‘Polaroid Love!’ It’s such a sweet love song that mentions polaroids as a way to take the listener back to a time before the age of social media when things like romance were much simpler. Closing off DIMENSION : ANSWER, it’s a reminder not to get too caught up in the digital era, and that the true connection we all share as humans is our ability to feel so deeply.

What are your favorite lyrics from DIMENSION : ANSWER? Do you agree with our choices? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And to meet more ENGENE, be sure to join our Discord server, The Hive!


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  • ENGENEs, as we all know that their every album storylines are connected to each others with the previous one so I am telling you about the special thing and that is : They performed dance break in their first fan meeting and in behind Jay was playing piano, listen out clearly that instrumental from that performance its the same instrumental in the title track Blessed-Cursed. And the stage background was also same like this album preview of Blessed-Cursed starting at 0:55!So that means everything was ready from their first album Border: Day One!
    Seriously we Engenes have the sharpest brains.

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