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Icons For The Earth: The Legends Saving The Planet

Icons For The Earth: The Legends Saving The Planet

Earth Day may have been on the 22nd of April, but we all know that it won’t just take a day to save the planet, it’s a long-term thing, and we’re committed. These music industry icons are showing those of us in the younger generation how it’s done and leading by example. Here are just some of the fantastic things our faves have been doing in support of the planet.

Eddie Vedder

We’ve always thought Eddie Vedder was out of this world, and now he is, quite literally! At least his voice is! In partnership with NASA, Pearl Jam‘s Eddie interviewed the crew aboard the International Space Station to celebrate Earth Day. It’s pretty short, but it’s a super interesting conversation about our relationships with each other, the climate, and what they’ve witnessed watching it all unfold from their seat in the sky. We mean, talking to anyone in space is pretty cool as it is but having a conversation about something so important must have made it even more monumental for everyone involved.

This isn’t the first time Eddie has worked with NASA, though! They also partnered together on his recent music video for his song ‘Invincible’ from his latest album Earthling. The video was inspired by their Artemis I Moon mission. At THP, we’re so inspired by this project as it will eventually put the first woman and the first person of color on the Moon; we love that even the Earth’s only natural satellite will get to experience the beauty of our diverse human race. The video is made up of tests for the first stage of the project, and it’s a pretty cool video, we must say. Check it out here to see for yourself!

We also love the message of the song. “We’re invincible when we love,” what a beautiful sentiment. Let’s keep spreading the love honey bees; it’s the most important thing in this world (and any others out there!)

Brian Eno And EarthPercent

You may know Brian Eno from his legendary musical career as a producer, composer, and singer, but did you know that Brian is now leaving his impact on the world in a different way? EarthPercent is a charity founded by Brian that is dedicated to helping the music industry fight climate change through a series of projects. The most recent? One of the biggest collaborations music has seen in years.

Design by Raissa Pardini

In partnership with Music Declares, the charity is celebrating Earth Day by raising money through new, unreleased, and previously unheard music donated by over 100 artists. The roster is insane. If you’re a fan of the classics, you can support the climate movement by purchasing a song by Brian, Nile Rodgers, Coldplay, or James. Looking for something a little more modern? Sure thing! We’ve got Declan McKenna, Violet Skies, and Alfie Templeman; there’s just so much music to choose from! There’s even a little Death Cab For Cutie for all our emos out there!

They’ve had a great start, but we know it can go so much further! You can help fight the climate crisis right from your bed all by purchasing one of these songs. Hats off to Brian for starting such an incredible initiative, and we hope as many people will support it as possible. If you want to get involved, just head to this link and get listening or check out their website below for more info! Because there is #NoMusicOnADeadPlanet, and who would want a world without music?

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Did you find an awesome new initiative or way to learn about protecting the planet? Let us know who you’ve been listening to! Let us know in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPop! We’re also on Facebook and Instagram; if that’s more your thing, we’ll see you there!



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