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It’s About Time We Give Tayla Parx Her ‘Flowers’

It’s About Time We Give Tayla Parx Her ‘Flowers’

Even in a garden full of luscious flowers, we’d probably still be more impressed by the incredible Tayla Parx! We’re especially impressed by her latest pop masterpiece, the upbeat ‘Flowers.’ It’s an anthem all about self-love and appreciating the people around you and it definitely deserves a spot on your summer playlist, whether you’re trying to reach that positive glow-up or just want a mood boost on a rough day.

‘Flowers’ is about living your life in the present and showing your loved ones, including YOURSELF, how much they mean to you in the now instead of waiting until it’s too late. Flowers represent life and living, and the song represents my desire to celebrate every part of my life, no matter how big or small. Go get yourself some flowers now!

Tayla Parx

But as amazing as her songs are, Tayla doesn’t just make her own music – she’s had a hand in creating some of our favorite artists’ most impressive songs! She got a publishing deal when she was just 19, which isn’t too surprising when you consider how talented she is. Let’s dive into her catalog and look back at some of our favorite songs she’s worked on!

Ariana Grande – ‘7 rings’

Yup, Tayla was one of the girls behind the girl squad anthem that is ‘7 rings!’ She was even one of the girls who got one of those rings and we love that for her. We love her friendship with Ariana, and she’s also helped Ari with songs like ‘thank u, next’ and ‘pov!’  

BTS, Steve Aoki, & Desiigner – ‘Mic Drop (Remix)’

Pop and K-Pop, talk about versatility! Tayla helped write the version of ‘Mic Drop’ that Desiigner hopped on, and this is kind of like our Multiverse of Madness. So many talented artists working on one song, it blows us away.

Fifth Harmony – ‘BO$$’ 

Was “purse so heavy getting Oprah dollars” foreshadowing? Because Tayla was in her bag with this song! ‘BO$$’ was the ultimate summer anthem in 2014 and we know it was partly thanks to Tayla’s clever writing. She also told Billboard that she saw this part of her career as a rebirth of sorts:

All of those people who didn’t see it before, they came back around. Those two years [focusing on writing] allowed me to see that timing is everything. If I would have given it up when people didn’t want to work with me, I wouldn’t have had this whole other career that came from nowhere.

Tayla Parx

Khalid & Normani – ‘Love Lies’

Years after working with Fifth Harmony, Tayla reunited with Normani for the R&B-pop masterpiece that is ‘Love Lies’ with Khalid! This song is so sleek that it feels like an effortless partnership, which makes total sense considering how much Tayla loved the session – she told Billboard:

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I think that was the most effortless session I’ve ever had. I had been wanting to do something with Normani and also wanted to do something with Khalid and they wanted to do something with each other, so we hit each other up. Me and Khalid connected to Charlie [Handsome, producer], because he has this perfect blend of pop and urban, which is something I felt was right for both artists.

Tayla Parx

Pentatonix – ‘Ref’

This one’s a lesser-known gem from Tayla’s repertoire, but deserves just as much recognition! ‘Ref’ is one of our favorite Pentatonix songs, and their gorgeous vocals help the writing really stand out as a focus. Excuse us while we set up a petition for Tayla and PTX to work together more.

What are your favorite songs Tayla Parx has worked on? What do you think of ‘Flowers’ and its loving messages? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more new music you need on your radar, click here.


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