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Binge-Worthy Buzz: So Many Things, So Little Time

Binge-Worthy Buzz: So Many Things, So Little Time

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Hello there, honeybees, how you doin’? We are once again back for a new edition of Binge-Worthy Buzz, our weekly series where we give you a new list of recommendations of what to watch next. We have a lot of ground to cover this week, so let’s dive in!


Disney+’s new original movie, Rise, just dropped and we are obsessed! The movie is inspired by the real story of executive producer Giannis Antetokounmpo and his family. Starting with their emigration from Nigeria to Greece, the movie introduces us to Charles and Vera Antetokounmpo as they struggle to survive along with their five children. Their main goal during the story is to get Greek citizenship to avoid the threat of deportation, but it’s not really going great for them.

But the great turn of events for the family comes when two of the brothers, Giannis himself and Thanasis, start playing basketball with a local team. To everyone’s surprise, including their own, they realize they’re quite good at it and start working toward becoming world-class athletes. And they did it! In 2013, Giannis entered the NBA Draft as a long shot. That long shot changed the family’s life for good.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

Yep, we’re bringing this show back to BWB. Can you blame us? The third season of HSMTMTS is only a few weeks away, so this is the perfect opportunity to binge-watch all the episodes of the first two seasons. So you better hurry to Disney+ and watch them before season three rolls around on July 27.

Here’s the gist of the show in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years: filmed as a mockumentary, the show takes place in the school where the iconic 2000s High School Musical movies were filmed, but follows a completely new group of students. The first two seasons take place in the actual school, but season three has the characters in summer camp. Also, guest stars this season include JoJo Siwa and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. JoJo will be Madison, a global superstar who goes to Camp Shallow Lake with the other teens, and Jesse will be Marvin, an old family friend of Nini’s. That should be interesting, huh?

The Bob’s Burgers Movie

So Bob’s Burgers is getting a movie, did you know that? The beloved animated Belcher family now gets involved in a new adventure that mixes the comedy we all know and love with some elements of mystery – which we don’t know about you, but we enjoy greatly. The movie comes out on digital on July 12 and a week later on on Blu-Ray, on July 19.

In the movie, we see the Belcher family struggling to keep their business going after a sinkhole opens right in front of Bob’s Burgers, which kinda makes it hard for them to get clients into the restaurant. On the other side of the story, their kids try to solve a mystery that might just save Bob’s Burgers.

Only Murders In The Building

Season two of Only Murders in the Building is finally here! Charles, Mabel, and Oliver are back with a new murder in their hands. This time, the victim is Arconia board president Bunny Folger, and the trio is racing to find her killer.

But this time they have three huge problems in their way. Number one: they’re suspects of the murder themselves. Number two: everyone thinks they did it. Number three: they’re now the subject of a rival podcast. New episodes of Only Murders in the Building come to Hulu every week.


Wildhood has brothers Link and Travis as its main characters. The story gets going when Link finds a box of unopened cards from his mom in his father’s bedroom, which is weird because he thought she was deceased. He’s rightfully mad about it and decides to go find her, with his brother tagging along, of course.

During their journey, they come across Pasmay, a dancer who takes pity on them and decides to drive them to their mother’s last location. With time, he reveals he grew up learning Mi’kmaw traditions, which is the Indigenous culture Link and Travis’ mother came from. Link and Pasmay start to bond over that and… we won’t tell you the rest. You’ll have to watch Wildhood on Hulu to find out!

See Also

FEUD: Bette and Joan

The first season of Ryan Murphy’s new anthology series tells the story of Joan Crawford and Bette Davis’s well-known rivalry during the filming of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? The duo is known for their stellar acting abilities, but there’s a lot more happening behind the scenes, including all sorts of prejudices, from ageism to misogyny.

The cast brings us familiar faces from other Ryan Murphy works, like Jessica Lange, who plays Joan Crawford, as well as new actors, like Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis, Alfred Molina as Robert Aldrich, and Stanley Tucci as Jack Warner. A cast full of stars and an awesome show-runner can only make for a great show we’re all going to be obsessed with. FEUD: Bette and Joan is currently available on Hulu.

And this is where we leave you on this week’s Binge-Worthy Buzz. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. If you did, come tell us about it on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook! We’ll love to hear your thoughts.

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