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These Taylor Swift Award Show Moments Never Leave Our Minds

These Taylor Swift Award Show Moments Never Leave Our Minds

We are all still reeling from the events that occurred at the VMA’s, so it’s only right we talk about the star of the night, Taylor Swift. Whenever Taylor Swift shows up to an award show, it’s automatically all eyes on her, which makes sense, considering she’s one of the biggest stars in the world. At the VMAs this year, there was a lot of Taylor Swift-related content to enjoy. She was the first artist ever to win three Video of the Year Awards, the first artist to direct a VMA Video of the Year Award-winning video solo, and the only female to win Best Direction twice for directing her own videos. Of course, we can’t forget Taylor Swift’s internet-shattering announcement at the VMAs that her tenth studio album, Midnights, would be released on October 21. Truly, an award show where Taylor Swift is in attendance is never a miss, so we thought we’d break down five of our absolute favorite Taylor Swift award show moments.

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‘All Too Well’ Live At The 2014 Grammy’s

‘All Too Well’ is a holy grail Taylor Swift song for our fans. And despite not being a single during the original release of Red, we latched onto it so much that Taylor decided to give us all what we wanted and perform ‘All Too Well‘ at the 2014 Grammy Awards. This performance was emotion-packed and one of (in our humble opinion) Taylor’s best live performances to date.

2016 Grammy Awards 1989 Winning Album Of The Year

When it comes to award show speeches, one of the absolute best has to be Taylor Swift’s that she gave while accepting her Album of the Year Award at the 2016 Grammy Awards for 1989. This speech made it clear that Taylor Swift was no longer going to sit aside and let anyone undermine her success. This award also put Taylor Swift in a small class of artists who have won Album of the Year twice!

2021 Grammy Awards folklore Winning Album Of The Year

Speaking of an award putting Taylor Swift in a small class, just five years after 1989, Taylor’s eighth studio album, folklore, went on to win Album of the Year as well, making Taylor a three-time album of the year winner! A bit iconic if you ask us! You could tell how shocked and overjoyed the whole team that worked on folklore was to win the award. folklore was an album that wasn’t supposed to work, it was made during such an unconventional time in such an unconventional way, but we, along with the rest of the world, latched on.

2015 American Music Awards – ‘Bad Blood’ Video Premiere

When we say ‘Bad Blood,’ and its star-studded cast broke the internet, that is exactly what we mean! You really had to be there the night Taylor Swift dropped this video during the 2015 American Music Awards to truly get how monumental this was. Everyone was in this video, from Selena Gomez to Gigi Hadid, to Zendaya, and that’s just scratching the surface.

2009 Grammy Awards – ‘Fifteen’ ft. Miley Cyrus

2009, back when times were simpler, and we got collaborations with artists like Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. Those were the days! We still aren’t over their duet of ‘Fifteen,’ and it’s been thirteen years!! Country Taylor and Country Miley Cyrus will always have our hearts.

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