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9 TXT Performances That Will Make You Miss The minisode1: Blue Hour Era

9 TXT Performances That Will Make You Miss The minisode1: Blue Hour Era

Will any MOA ever emotionally recover from the ‘Blue Hour’ era? It seems unlikely. TXT’s first step away from their lore and CHAPTER series saw their fame soar (through the sky at 5:53 pm, to be specific). Every single one of the five tracks on minisode1: Blue Hour left its mark and earned its spot in MOAs’ hearts! From the rock-pop of ‘Wishlist,’ to house-influenced ‘We Lost The Summer,’ to the unforgettable dreamy disco-pop of the title track ‘Blue Hour,’ this album is never far from our thoughts! Or our Spotify, for that matter.

Because we’re so fond of this album and all it gave us, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite performances from the era! If this list puts you in your feels, blame tubatu, not us.

‘Ghosting’ At The minisode1: Blue Hour Comeback Show

What a way to kick off the era! Opening their comeback show with ‘Ghosting’ was a stroke of genius. The intro of a birthday party where suddenly everyone disappears perfectly introduced us to the song’s meaning, as well as the themes of TXT’s minisode, Blue Hour. Plus, the 90s/Y2K aesthetic was a great sneak peek of what was to come in the era and in all of K-pop!

‘Blue Hour’ On Music Bank 301020

The cultural reset. Is there a MOA in the universe who hasn’t seen this performance? If someone says ‘TXT’ and ‘Blue Hour,’ these outfits will probably pop into your head. This performance has gifted us some of TXT’s most popular fancams ever, and here’s your warning: this is the first of many dance break versions on this list.

‘Cat & Dog,’ ‘Angel Or Devil,’ And ‘PUMA’ Medley At The minisode1: Blue Hour Comeback Show

We’ve spoken about this performance before, and we’ll do it again! At their comeback show, TXT performed a medley of their previous eras and did every single one of them justice. This perfectly displays the versatility and variety in TXT’s discography! Plus, this Yeonjun was a cultural reset, and Beomgyu’s transition from ‘Angel Or Devil’ to ‘PUMA’ is a core MOA memory.

‘Sherlock’ At 2020 Gayo Daejeon

Look, we said Blue Hour era, not songs, so this still counts. There are only a handful of artists that can do K-pop juggernauts SHINee justice, and TXT is one of them. Following on from their 2019 cover of ‘Replay,’ this ‘Sherlock’ performance is one of our fave tubatu covers to date.

‘Blue Hour (Japanese Version)’ At CDTV Live! Live! Christmas Special

TXT and ‘Blue Hour,’ but make it festive! This performance of the Japanese version is one of our favorites for how well it showcases their vocals. Plus, those red trench coats? Truly the wardrobe of our dreams.


And you can’t talk about TXT’s vocal performances without mentioning ‘Force.’ Yes, we know this might technically count as the Still Dreaming era rather than Blue Hour, but let us have this. Just listen to that Yeonjun vocal run, and thank us later.

‘We Lost The Summer’ Special Video (One-take ver)

Look, TXT might be some of the best performers in music right now, but they can also be unabashedly Not Cool. This is one of those videos where we spot something new every time we watch it, whether it’s butt-slapping, tripping over remote-control cars, or just dad-dancing.

‘Ghosting’ At Day6 Kiss The Radio 201129

The Honey POP’s ‘Ghosting’ agenda strikes again. ‘Ghosting’ is one of the best K-pop songs of all time; we’re being deadly (or ghostly?!) serious. This rendition shows us a more chilled tubatu, and their vocals are just as dreamy as the song’s production is. Plus, Taehyun covering some of Soobin’s lines because he was unwell and writing the lyrics on his cast is next-level adorable.

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‘We Lost The Summer’ Dance Practice Halloween Version

Summer, but make it spooky! We love how different ‘WLTS’ seems in this version! After an era full of pastels and pinks, seeing TXT like this was a bit of a shock to the system. If only we had known then what we know now. Soobin biting Kai still makes us laugh, as does the fact they dressed up as zombie spies(?) for Halloween. Is that a thing?

Does TXT’s Blue Hour era live as rent-free in your head as it does in ours? What performance do you return to all the time? We wanna hear your thoughts over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or we’re also on Instagram and Facebook!

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