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Waterparks Begin New Era With New Single, ‘Snow Globe’!

Waterparks Begin New Era With New Single, ‘Snow Globe’!


Hello, 2021! Waterparks are back with two huge announcements! This past week they announced on Twitter that their fourth studio album, Greatest Hits, will be released on May 21, 2021. With that album name, you might be expecting it to be an album of their greatest hits from previous releases; the album will actually be full of new songs that they have recorded over the past year.

The Beginning of a New Era

Way back in September 2020, Awsten announced the end of the FANDOM era was afoot by chopping off his iconic bright green hair. After a few releases, including ‘Lowkey as Hell’ and remixes of ‘Telephone’ and ‘Dream Boy,’ along with FANDOM: Live in the UK, the FANDOM era was officially complete!

Earlier this week, Waterparks teased us with short clips of unreleased songs and the letter G. Some fans speculated the album would be called Graffiti, while some stuck to Greatest Hits. After letting the fans stew on the hints, it was confirmed on Thursday that the album would be called Greatest Hits, along with the cover that featured the trio in matching orange tracksuits that matched the color of the snippet we saw previously.

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Image Source: Jawn Rocha

‘Snow Globe’

Waterparks officially released the first single of Greatest Hits, ‘Snow Globe,’ at midnight on February 26, 2021. The immediate reaction from fans was excitement and awe at the new sound they had created. The track starts out with a beautiful piano that slowly breaks into a whimsical, techno-style beat. Awsten Knights’ vocals are layered throughout the song and you can hear the strength in his voice that he has steadily been improving from release to release. If you have heard previous Waterparks albums, this song and era are different from what we have seen. Even with all the differences, you can still tell it’s Waterparks, including Awsten’s incredible vocals.

Listen to the track on Spotify now!

As long-time fans of this Houston trio, we are stoked on this new era and truly believe they are going to reach even more people who never would have thought they would become fans. The fact that Waterparks continues to break molds and mix the different genres of music together indicates the longevity that the band will have. Each release of theirs continues to get better and better and we cannot wait to see more from them.

Watch the ‘Snow Globe’ music video below!

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Featured Image Source: Jawn Rocha

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