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6 Music Videos That Showcase Little Mix’s Acting Skills

6 Music Videos That Showcase Little Mix’s Acting Skills

It’s no secret that Little Mix are incredible singers and artists. We just can never get enough of their music. However, there are many sides to their talent and yes, these girls can do it all – and most importantly they’re not afraid to do so. Everyone knows their incredible vocals, but did you know they’re also amazing actresses? Here are six of their music videos that show Little Mix‘s acting skills.

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‘Black Magic’ (Get Weird, 2015)

Before the release of ‘Black Magic’, most Mixers were aware of Little Mix‘s talent and passion for acting. But this music video was the first one where they really got to showcase it through their music, and it was incredible. It was different, it was fun, it was colorful. ‘Black Magic‘ was just a moment in time – a cultural reset you may say. Their switch of styles will forever be iconic.

‘Love Me Like You’ (Get Weird, 2015)

‘Love Me Like You’ has to be one of their most unique music videos ever. After their concept in ‘Black Magic,’ Little Mix took on the concept of prom. You see each of the girls get asked out, but there’s a plot twist at the end of course. It’s such a cute and fun music video to watch, and they truly delivered when it comes to the storyline and acting their part. It’s one of those music videos that live rent-free in our minds.

‘Hair’ (Get Weird, 2015)

Hair‘ was the last single off of Get Weird back in 2015, and it also featured some acting – though one may argue having a music video based on a slumber party with your friends isn’t acting when they’re actually best friends but still. It is such a special music video mainly because apart from showing some acting, they also showed true support towards each other and it’s all about being there for your friends.

‘Confetti’ (Confetti, 2020)

To say that the girls went all out for ‘Confetti‘ is an understatement. Being their first music video as a three-piece girl group, they didn’t hold back in any way. The girls went as far as acting as themselves and as men. It was bold and fun not only for them but for us to watch as well. The music video simply screams Little Mix in all ways possible.

‘Kiss My (Uh Oh)’

‘Kiss My (Uh Oh)‘ is of course a song by Anne-Marie featuring Little Mix, but we still had to include it. While they slayed the slumber party concept in ‘Hair,’ this time it was the turn for a bachelorette party. It’s fun, it’s cheeky, and the chemistry between Anne-Marie and the girls is truly authentic. This music video is that type of music video you loop for hours.

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‘No’ (Between Us, 2021)

Last but definitely not least is their most recent music video: ‘No.’ The song and the music video were both released at the same time as their 10th-anniversary celebratory album, Between Us. The album included all their most iconic songs (including most of the ones on our list) but also incredible new songs. Yet, ‘No’ has its way of standing out in the album, and we can say the same about the music video. Taking on, once again, a truly unique and fun concept of trying to make men do their shores, Little Mix truly emphasized in the storyline and in their acting for this one. It is the perfect music video to accompany such a fun, dynamic, and empowering song, and it only makes us more excited about future music videos to come.

Which one of these is your favorite? What other concept would you like to see Little Mix try? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.


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