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5 Unforgettable Rap Verses By BLACKPINK’s Lisa

5 Unforgettable Rap Verses By BLACKPINK’s Lisa

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has a way of making everything she does iconic and unforgettable, and her raps are far from being the exception of that. Lisa is known to be one of the most talented and skilled dancers in K-Pop, and rightfully so. But today, let’s look at her incredible skills as a rapper. Here are some of her rap verses that live rent-free in our heads!

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BLACKPINK‘s big introduction to the world with ‘BOOMBAYAH’ also gave us one of Lisa’s most iconic rap verses. It wasn’t only our introduction to BLACKPINK as a group, but also to the girls individually – and this sure made an impression when it came to Lisa’s skills. Her rap in the second verse hits so hard and it makes ‘BOOMBAYAH’ the dynamic and addictive iconic song it is. This is one of Lisa’s most iconic verses for sure, but it might as well be one of BLACKPINK’s most iconic moments in their discography.

‘Kill This Love’ (Kill This Love, 2019)

Something shifted when Lisa said, “here I come kick in the door,” and no one can deny that. It was the definition of a moment. The impact this verse had is immeasurable, but the verse itself as well is simply incredible. The way she comes in and the rap gets increasingly faster – simply outstanding. It gave way for her charisma to shine and made everyone obsessed with her and the song. This is literally the definition of iconic, and we’re still not over it.

‘Ice Cream’ (THE ALBUM, 2020)

Ice Cream‘ is a song that stands out so much in BLACKPINK’s discography. It really sets itself apart from every other BLACKPINK release. It’s bright and bubbly, and we love it because it truly showed another side to this incredible group. While the whole song relies heavily on a pop melody, no one can deny that Lisa totally owned the bridge with her rap. It was simply such a fun and addictive twist to the song and she absolutely served. It’s by far one of the best parts of ‘Ice Cream.’

‘Love To Hate Me’ (THE ALBUM, 2020)

Other b-sides deserve a spot on this list – however, none deserve it quite as much as ‘Love To Hate Me.’ The song itself is simply incredible in so many ways we could sit and talk about it for ages. Lisa’s verse in it is amazing, show-stopping, outstanding, and the list continues. Not only does it add an even darker touch to the song, but it’s also a verse that showed a different side of her rapping and her skills. It was quite surprising yet so fitting, and it’s one of the reasons this b-side is such a masterpiece. It is by far one of BLACKPINK’s best rap verses ever.


And of course, how could we possibly leave this one out? Lisa made her solo debut with ‘LALISA,’ and everything about it was the definition of iconic and unforgettable. The switch in the bridge that lets way for her incredible rap verse is just incredible – she truly surprised us all. It was such a surprsing twist and made the song even better and more interesting. With this rap and this song in general, she really made sure everyone knew her name – and she succeeded for sure.

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Which one is your personal favorite? Which Lisa rap verse would you add to the list? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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