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13 Taylor Swift Songs With The Ultimate Winter Vibes

13 Taylor Swift Songs With The Ultimate Winter Vibes

Swifties have not only claimed the number 13, glitter, and cats, but if there were a specific month in the calendar designated to purely just them, it would be December. Formally known as Swiftmas, those 31 days – reads their first bagsied point backward – are spent with The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection EP on loop, pretending like their front row at her 2019 Capital Jingle Bell Ball performance and channeling all of her kindness when giving out presents that she picked out herself to fans in a cold-case style video launched onto her YouTube page. All in all, it’s because the songstress really loves the holidays, born during the month on a Christmas tree farm in West Reading, Pennsylvania. So in her spirit, we’ve come up with the ultimate Taylor Swift winter vibes playlist.

Image Source: @tayloralison on Tumblr

‘Christmas Tree Farm’

If you clicked on this article, you’re probably a certified Swiftie with her name somewhere on your stan account. Even if you aren’t, you’ve definitely heard ‘Christmas Tree Farm’ when loitering around at your local grocery store. With its string-quartet stylings, it’s like Elf vomited out the bustle of the holidays into song form while also giving the subtext of a sweet love story. 

‘It’s Nice To Have A Friend’

An underrated favorite off of Lover, ‘It’s Nice To Have A Friend’ has the backing production impression of doorstepping carolers interlaced between chimes and trumpets. It’s whimsical and almost haunting, for those sweeter moments with loved ones that often go ignored underneath giant gestures.

‘Back to December’

We mean, if the month itself is in the song title, then it’s usually a good idea to stick it on a playlist for the holidays. If that’s not enough, one look at ‘Back to December’s music video with its snowfall setting gives the green light. 

‘White Horse (Taylor’s Version)’

Not to make you feel too old, but there will come a day when we’re gray, and a new batch of Swifties will form. Perhaps we got our first knowing that her music will stand the test of time through her re-recordings, going back to songs that are well over a decade-year-old. ‘White Horse’ is one of them. It sounds maturer now. Gone are the days of high school hallways, and instead, an incoming of her fairy tale and the ticking off of the prophecy “I’m gonna find someone someday who might actually treat me well.” Plus, don’t white horses serve the prettiest winter vibes?

‘You Are In Love’

For every breakup tune comes another love bubble ballad to show we’re really in cuffing season. ‘You Are In Love’ is one of our absolute favorites. Just take the lyric “You two are dancing in a snow globe, ’round and ’round” to the emphasis on the chorus. She raises her vocals on the final admittance of “you are in love” from an otherwise soft production, letting you know that, sure, you can see the feeling through just one look on Christmas day at your partner when you’re both still in your pajamas, but that sort of love is also pretty loud.

‘Sweet Nothing’

This lullaby-like tune off Taylor’s recent album Midnights is another example of the holidays’ coziness. In particular, the lyric “Outside they’re push and shoving, you’re in the kitchen humming” sticks out, illustrating a haven when everyone else seemingly expects something from you. Those dear know your love for them is enough.

‘New Year’s Day’

How about for the morning when we’ve reigned in a new year, perhaps on ‘New Year’s Day?’ The 15th and final track on reputation, its careful ivory-key treadings come after a showcase of dizzying beats that we hadn’t really known Taylor for at this point. The true story and the her we had always loved was still there, just underneath the presses noise, and you could only find it if you looked for it.


The timeline for this one may start on a “gray November,” but she inevitably ushers in December by the time the second verse hits. A hazy transition of the same repeated piano keys, C and F, until we hear Bon Iver on a higher uproar G. It’s a perfect representation of the seasonal blues, those feelings of stagnancy until the knowing that you have to cling onto at least one thing to make it through. 

‘Snow On The Beach’

What’s mystical about ‘Snow On The Beach’ despite another holiday association word tuckered into its title and us Lana Del Rey fans finally getting the ultimate collab is its intro. If a sound is symbolic of Lorelai sighting the first droppings of snow in Gilmore Girls, this is it. Additionally, if you listen closely, its bells let you know something extraordinary is near. It’s replicated again in the chorus, telling the diary page of when your crush confesses their mutual feelings.

‘Out Of The Woods’

Another music video where icy terrains have a starring role, this time ‘Out Of The Woods’ was filmed in New Zealand, more specifically Bethells Beach and the mountains of Queenstown, under the directorial gaze of Joseph Kahn. 

‘The Moment I Knew (Taylor’s Version)’

So maybe it’s a sad girl ballad, but it’s also fleshed out through pretty, vivid descriptions of Taylor’s birthday month as she waits for her boyfriend to arrive at her party only to be a disappointing no-show, like, “Christmas lights glisten.” 

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‘‘tis the damn season’

There were no surprises to be had when Taylor Swift flipped the merry saying ‘tis the damn season’ on its head to tell a tragic unrequited love story where the timing is never really right. We’re utterly obsessed with its melody. It’s the type of iconic where if someone purely played Aaron Dessner’s magic sound on a finger-plucking electric guitar or drums, you’d be able to guess the song’s title within seconds.


Finally, and what a list! With a whopping 13 Taylor songs to ensure your day is festive, whether you want to spend it with blondie or one of your wishes is to up the number of Swifties in your family as it plays out as background noise. We’re leaving it on a romantic note with ‘Lover.’ You know it’s perfect for this time of the year when its first lyric is “We could leave the Christmas lights up ’til January!” The music video reads as a Taylor Swift Barbie dream house with a colorful glow coming from each loved-up room. As the final “my, my, my, my…” lands in the outro, the visual zooms out to reveal that that dream house was really a snow globe all along, instilling the little girl with the hope on Christmas day that she’ll find love when she’s older too like her parents.

The ‘Lover’ house later came to represent her different eras! In that same tune, Taylor’s team customized her holiday merch drop in the style of that house. With falling snow moving with your cursor, you can click on one of the rooms to be cast to that era, finding various festive items on selected ones, like evermore’s That Ain’t My Merlot ornament!

Have you already bought one, and has it come in the mail? We’d love to see it through interacting with our Twitter @thehoneypop. Otherwise, we hope your Swiftmas is as wonderful as you are! Follow along on our Instagram and Facebook to read our other holiday articles.


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