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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Griff

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Griff

If we can have your attention for ‘One Night,’ then we are definitely going to give you reasons why you should add Griff to your Stan list. Here at The Honey POP! we are huge fans of the British pop queen. The 20-year-old star Sarah Faith Griffiths, better known by her stage name Griff, is becoming a household name in modern music. If you’re looking for all the ‘Good Stuff,’ we have you covered; here are 5 reasons why you should stan Griff!

Her Music

To begin, we are of course going to talk about her music. Griff’s iconic pop songs are fuelled with contagious energy. For example, whilst ‘Black Hole’ is a song about the aftermath of heartbreak, we can’t help but dance along. Range is also something the singer songwriter does not shy away from. If you’re in the mood for a ballad, we suggest you listen to ‘Good Stuff.’ This song highlights her vocal ability and sends us into a trance. The lyric “I wish my mouth didn’t smile when I think of you” tore us apart. Griff is excellent at putting to words our unconscious habits that even we struggle to explain. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a good carpool karaoke song, Griff has you covered with ‘One Night.’

What is apparent is the story that Griff tells with every song. Whether we’re looking to sing our hearts out or wind down after a busy day, Griff has a song and a story. We think ‘One Foot In Front Of The Other’ is a perfect example. The beat is inspiring, and honestly, it motivates us to get out of bed every morning. Particularly the line “things just take longer to heal these days” is really touching. Griff reminds us that reasoning is not always needed when you’re overwhelmed with emotion. Everyone’s time is unique, and within this song, Griff hones the idea we should not feel guilty spending time on healing.

Griff’s Great OOTDs

When we’re not listening to her music, you can find us browsing Griff’s TikTok videos. Griff’s style ranges from avant-garde (her Strictly Come Dancing Yellow Dress is what comes to mind) and youthful. Above all, Griff is not scared to experiment, whether that’s with colors, shapes, or the sewing machine. Griff often shares videos of upcycling clothes she purchases from charity shops. For instance, she shared she purchased a skirt from a charity shop and turned it into a perfectly fitting staple piece in her wardrobe. We love her experimental perspective when it comes to fashion and the fact she is not scared to try new silhouettes.

The Fangirl To Friend Pipeline

When Griff is not making good music, she is listening to good music, particularly Taylor Swift. Having listened to Taylor Swift’s Fearless album at 8 years old, Griff is a big swiftie, and we totally understand why! When she’s not promoting her own music, she is sharing videos of her red scarf or singing along to Taylor Swift songs. But Griff has officially completed the fangirl-to-friend pipeline. Griff shared a picture of herself and Taylor sharing a box of chips after the Brit Awards and stated the iconic star sent her flowers. We are living vicariously through this friendship between Griff and Taylor.

Her Talent

You would be wrong to think Griff’s talent stops at music or clothes; the list simply never stops! Did you know at the age of 10, Griff taught herself how to use the audio production software Logic? At age 10, we were making sure our dogs on Nintendo DS games were well fed. And at age 17, Griff scored herself a record deal but kept it quiet to focus on finishing school. We want everyone to recognize how multifaceted the young star is. If you’re not part of her 5 million listeners on Spotify, it’s time to be!

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Her Humor

Griff can make you smile and cry with her music, but she can also make you laugh with her TikTok videos. Whether she’s turning her invites to fashion shows into funny sketches or posing in funny angles with Ed Sheeran, she will get you giggling. Some of our favorite videos are with her parents. Specifically when she’s trying to see if her mom knows Coldplay songs before supporting them on tour or filming her mom’s seemingly understated reaction to winning a Brit Award.

Did we inspire you to Stan Griff? Let us know by dropping us a tweet @thehoneypop! You can also join us on Facebook and Instagram to talk about all things Griff and more!


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