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5 Iconic NCT Duos For The Books

5 Iconic NCT Duos For The Books

NCT is a group with a massive concept. The group has an unlimited number of members, currently tallying in at 23, and with fixed units such as NCT Dream, 127, and WayV (and more to come 👀) and rotation unit NCT U, keeping up with all the group’s activities can be a handful! But it is also one of NCTs charms that makes us love them so much! Luckily, the guys split up into twos occasionally bringing us even more high-quality content!

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The most recent addition to these iconic duos is WayV‘s Ten and YangYang. The two just dropped their first full English duet song ‘Low Low.’ The song is a refreshing dance hip-hop bop all about not hiding who you love. That’s a message we love to preach!

Stream ‘Low Low’ here.

In celebration of the new duo unit in the NCT universe, which is a massive sub-part of the already huge SMCU, we thought we’d list four more of our favorite NCT duos which have served us quality and iconic content so far.

‘Baby Don’t Stop’ Taeyong & Ten

As part of NCT’s NCT 2018 project, Taeyong and Ten teamed up to bring us this iconic bop! ‘Baby Don’t Stop’ aged like absolute fine wine and shows us both of the members’ charms. Their interplay and chemistry are off the roof, and even three years after its initial release, we find ourselves hitting the replay button over and over.

‘Maniac’ Doyoung & Haechan

Next up is one of the most recent songs under the NCT U umbrella! Doyoung and Haecahn teamed up with producer Ryan Jhun to bring us ‘Maniac,’ a massive summer bop. Honestly, it is so nice to see these two vocalists shine together, Doyoungs power notes combined with Haechan’s smooth vocals are a treat to our ears!

Mark & Johnny

Okay, this duo hasn’t dropped a song together (yet), but they are still more than iconic! Mark and Johnny are peak-chaotic energy and have even given us a mini-movie so far and multiple projects for JCC. We are hoping for an official unit song from these two boys sooner rather than later! SM listen to what the people want!

‘Back To You’ Kun & Xiaojun

Kun and Xiaojun were the first two to officially debut as a unit from WayV with ‘Back To You,’ a beautiful ballad showcasing their immense amount of vocal skills. Their debut came to NCTzens and WayZenNi as a true treat as they had already teamed up before for Rainbow V covering ‘Red Bean’ by Khalil Fong. Together, they make for a force to be reckoned with, and we are not complaining.

We can’t get enough of anything NCT-related and are desperately hoping for more iconic duos like these in the future! What’s your favorite NCT duo? What do you think about ‘Low Low?’ Let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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