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5 Covers That Prove Why Hyunjin Is One Of Stray Kids’ Main Dancers

5 Covers That Prove Why Hyunjin Is One Of Stray Kids’ Main Dancers

Stray Kids is a group with members that overflow with talent, and Hwang Hyunjin isn’t an exception. After three years since their debut, Hyunjin has shown countless times his talent and passion towards music and especially dancing. These are five of his covers that prove why he’s one of Stray Kids‘ main dancers.

‘Attention’ (originally by Charlie Puth)

We’ll start with what you could call a classic. Hyunjin has been an emcee at Music Core for two years now, and that has allowed him to have several special stages. In 2019, he performed next to SF9‘s Chani, but they each had a solo part — while Chani covered ‘Fools’ by Troye Sivan, Hyunjin covered ‘Attention’ by Charlie Puth. The choreography he added not only is on point but also allowed him to reinvent the song and show fully his talent.

‘Circle’ (originally by SAAY)

Just like ‘Attention’, Hyunjin’s cover of ‘Circle’ by SAAY was part of a special stage for Music Core’s emcees. However, this performance took place over a year after ‘Attention’, and the stage is not only amazing on its own but it also shows that even though he has always been an incredible dancer, he has also improved and grown a lot in the last year. Through the performance, Hyunjin gives off such a confident aura that makes the choreography all the more captivating.

‘Criminal’ (originally by Taemin)

It’s no mystery that one of Hyunjin’s biggest influences is Taemin from SHINee, so when Hyunjin promised to cover a song if Stray Kids got a win for ‘Back Door‘, everyone was waiting for him to cover one of the most iconic comebacks of the year: ‘Criminal’. Hyunjin uploaded a dance cover of the first half of the song right before the year ended and it was everything we ever wanted. Taemin is known to be one of the best dancers in the industry and his choreographies are especially hard to cover, especially when it comes to getting the right vibe, and ‘Criminal‘ is no exception to it. Yet, Hyunjin embodied it perfectly.

‘Psycho’ (originally by Red Velvet)

This list wouldn’t be complete without this iconic performance. Back in the summer of 2020, Daewhi from AB6IX, Sanha from ASTRO, Bomin from Golden Child, and Hyunjin got together again to perform Red Velvet‘s ‘Psycho’. And they kind of made history. Just for reference: Hyunjin’s fancam is now the most-watched fancam of that YouTube Channel. They took on the velvet concept perfectly and it proved Hyunjin’s versatility when it comes to dancing. And even though this is not the topic right now, it’s worth mentioning that, while being officially part of Stray Kids‘ rap line, he absolutely slayed those vocals.

‘when the party’s over’ (originally by Billie Eilish)

Even though this isn’t technically a cover, he still took on the Billie Eilish song to make his choreography, and if there’s anything that will show you his talent as a dancer: it’s this. This self-made choreography was his first-ever solo SKZ-PLAYER. He said he wanted to convey the feeling of emptiness after a concert, needless to say, he did it perfectly. Every emotion can be felt through his dance moves, and it truly shows how talented he is as a dancer. Not only that, but it’s proof of how much he puts of himself into his art.

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