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Bangtan Bulletin February 2024: Hobiuary Is Full Of Hope And Love

Bangtan Bulletin February 2024: Hobiuary Is Full Of Hope And Love

Can you believe we’re two months into 2024 already? We are just one month closer to BTS returning home to us, one more video message until Jin is back, and we are being fed so so well! We’ve had more new music and teasers, messages from members, and more pre-filmed content to keep us occupied during these trying times. Let’s dive into this month’s Bangtan Bulletin and see what the Tannies have had in store for us!

Jin Sends His Love Once Again

We’ve been counting down for Jin’s return ever since he enlisted, and we’re almost at the finish line! We got to see our Worldwide Handsome once again at the beginning at the month, and it definitely gave us energy to go through February. We feel so loved with every single one of his messages, and it keeps blowing our minds that he spent his time filming one for every month he’s away. These messages have been so warm, and they have made us laugh and grow our hearts 20 times its size! We love you, Jin! 💜

Suchwita Season One Comes To An End

Cue our tears! Here at THP, we’re basically the number one Suchwita stans, so the end of season one is a bittersweet moment! Bitter because, well, we’re going to miss it a lot. And sweet because it ended on such a high! Episode 27 sees Yoongi in conversation with long-time collaborator and friend, EL CAPITXN. As ever, we gained so much insight into Yoongi as both an artist and a person, and we loved learning more about EL CAPITXN, too! He’s worked, of course, with BTS, but you might not have realised he’s credited on some of the biggest hits by TXT, IU, ZEROBASEONE, SUNMI, tripleS, and more!

Jungkook Took Our Breath Away With Calvin Klein

We don’t know about you, but we’re still recovering from all the previous Calvin Klein campaigns that Jungkook has done, so every time there’s a new one, we get to fill our phones with the new pics! This time, Jungkook is in New York (the city where he basically is king) and he’s strutting and dancing around Grand Central Station. We’ve rewatched this video more times than we can count! He’s just the coolest ever, and we’re blessed to live in the same universe as him. 🙏

j-hope’s Birthday Is Full Of Love

February is always the brightest month of the year because we celebrate our biggest sunshine’s birthday! Hobi has been such a guiding light throughout our time as ARMY, and we’re so grateful for his energy, his talent, his dedication for his loved ones, and his incredible creativity. We’re always thinking about his cute Instagram stickers, his encouraging admiration for the tannies, and his laugh, which make us instantly happy. To celebrate his birthday this year, Hobi wrote us a letter to say thank you for the birthday wishes and to express how much he misses us. We can’t wait until the sun rises again when his enlistment is over!

The Maknae Line Bag More Wins At The Hanteo Music Awards

At this point, BTS are basically allergic to not winning awards. But guess what? They deserve it! At the (lowkey chaotic) Hanteo Music Awards, all three of the maknae line scored some trophies. Taehyung took home two Global Artist Awards for the Africa and Europe regions, with Jimin matching his wins in South America and Oceania. What’s more, Jimin, V, and Jungkook each won the Main Award Bonsang! BRB, going to listen to ‘Mic Drop’ in celebration.

We’re Getting Our Cook On With TinyTan

Calling all gaming fans, we are getting another BTS themed game! This time TinyTAN will be the stars of the show in BTS Cooking On: TinyTAN Restaurant. Join the TinyTAN members as you run restaurants around different cities all over the world focusing on dishes from each region. You’ll also be able to collect photocards of the members to complete your book and build different stages for the TinyTAN Festival! Pre-registration is live and will give you two of the highest rarity photocards when the game is available to play, which is slated for April 2024. We can’t wait!

‘wherever u r’ By Umi Featuring V Gets The Remix Magic

V ended 2023 by hopping on a track with the lovely UMI and ‘wherever u r’ truly had us in our feels. Two months on and the remixes have dropped which has had us fall in love with the song all over again! Two new remixes have dropped: ‘Lullaby,’ a soothing version which will help you fall asleep or relax and unwind, and ‘Meditation,’ a calming version which will help you destress and clear your mind. The remixes were by V-Ron, a frequent collaborator of UMI’s, and honestly they’re just incredible. We’re feeling so zen right now!

We’re Finding Hope On The Street Thanks To Our Hobi

Hobiuary didn’t end at j-hope’s birthday as he’s just announced an exciting new project! Even though the sunshine of BTS is still away, he has promised March to be a memorable one with the announcement of Hope On The Street, a six-part docuseries that follows the star’s journey over the past twelve years as he returns to his dancer roots. Joined by his former instructor, Boogaloo Kin, j-hope explores the cities of Osaka, Seoul, Paris, New York, and his hometown of Gwangju, where he meets inspiring street dancers across his journey.

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In addition to the docuseries, he will be dropping his special album Hope On The Street Vol 1. which features six new songs, including a solo version of his previously released single ‘On The Street,’ and a collaboration with fellow member Jungkook. We’re so hyped! The docuseries will stream on Amazon Prime from March 28th with new episodes dropping every Thursday and Friday, while the album will be out on March 29th.

What’s been your favorite BTS content from February? What are you hoping March will bring? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram or come join The Hive!

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