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Lewis Capaldi Needs To Collab With These 10 Artists Immediately!!

Lewis Capaldi Needs To Collab With These 10 Artists Immediately!!

Lewis Capaldi is not only America’s Sweetheart but the sweetheart of all his fans across the globe, including many A-list celebrities in the industry.

Lewis Capaldi
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He’s made a name for himself in a big way, and his music sounds like something sent down from heaven to bless our souls and give us eternal life. He’s no stranger to making it known who he’d love to collab with and other celebs we have no doubt would take him on that offer!

We thought it’d be fun to put our heads together and give the Honey Poppers a list of 10 celebs that we NEED to collab with Lewis Capaldi immediately!

Niall Horan

Image Source: Tour Poster as posted by Niall via Twitter

Niall and Lewis are literal friendship goals! These guys were set to tour together this year, but it sadly was canceled. However, a collab would make up for it, and in fact, we NEED a collab from these besties like yesterday. We have no doubt that it would be a #1 hit!


Image Source: Jake Michaels for The New York Times

A collab between Halsey and Lewis would be utterly bone-chilling, and we need it to happen ASAP! We’re already crying just thinking about it.

Ed Sheeran

Image Source: Mark Surridge/Atlantic Records

Anyone up for the most epic love song in existence? The only way to hear it is for Ed and Lewis to put their heads together and deliver us a collaboration.


Image Source: as posted by Adele via Instagram

Two vocal powerhouses together on one track? That track would be too powerful for the universe and would most likely be the greatest breakup song in history. Just imagine the emotions they would bring out of you, literally iconic.

Harry Styles

Image Source: Helene Pambrun

Harry Styles AND Lewis Capaldi in one song?! I don’t know if we can handle that power ballad, but at the very least, these two should write a song together. The emotion behind those lyrics would blow everyone’s minds, and that song would no doubt would top the charts.


Image Source: Guerin Blask

FLETCHER was also supposed to join Niall and Lewis on the Nice To Meet Ya Tour, but now the opportunity has arisen, and we think a collab between her and Lewis would be so iconic the planets would align.

Conan Gray

Image Source: Lindsay Ellary/W Magazine.

A ballad between Conan and Lewis Capaldi would be so personal and emotional we would be able to feel it deep in our souls. It could possibly be some of the most potent lyrics in existence.

Billie Eilish

Image Source: Kelia Anne for Variety

We would love to hear Billie and Lewis mesh their vocal styling’s together to create an absolute banger. It would be a one of a kind track, and we are so ready for it.


Image Source: Alexandra Gavillet/ Hollywood Reporter

This could be one of the most powerful collabs on this list. Lewis combining his smooth vocals with the powerful vocals of BTS would be legendary, and we are on the edge of our seats waiting for the day we get it.

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Ariana Grande

Image Source: as posted by Ariana Grande via Instagram

Ariana Grande, another powerhouse vocalist to lend her voice to an emotional Lewis Capaldi track, iconic and also a necessity of life. How can we make this happen?

There you have it, our master list of artists that should collab with Lewis Capaldi given the opportunity. We’re already getting emotional just thinking about the potential here. Can you imagine the power that these collabs would have? They would be legendary and go down in the record books!

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Which collaboration idea is your favorite? Who else would you love to see Lewis Capaldi collab with? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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